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  1. Had to research: tested 7/28, posted 9/3. I would check tomorrow.
  2. Depends on when you took your NCLEX, when you mailed back the letter from the PVL with payment, and after it is received it waits for the next BON meeting for official approval. Meeting dates are posted on the BON website.
  3. LPN Student who Needs Job - Should I stay in school?

    Everyone is different so I suggest you sit down and figure out what you really are willing and able to do. I sat down with my husband and we decided we would have the baby first. He worked FT, I worked PT and took prerequisite courses while we wait...
  4. End Of Life Conversations With Families

    Thank you for your wonderful insight. I'm currently taking an End of Life class as an elective and planning on reading Atul Gawande's book, Being Mortal (we were required to watch a video of his for one of the assignments). I think it's important t...
  5. KCC ADN - Fall 2013

    LOL you and I posted similar threads back in 2013 and no one answered me....
  6. Are you finishing your first semester of KCC's ADN program? Do you still have some ways to go? Maybe you're graduating? Or did you graduate already? If you answered yes to any of these, I need you, so read on! Most of the posts around here are about ...
  7. KCC ADN FALL 2013

    Congrats Anita920! looking forward to seeing you! Probably better to go with the ADN if you're shooting for RN eventually. Congrats kaanoi! The MEPN program RNS sit for boards after a year so I understand your concern. I think since you have nurse ai...
  8. Congratulations! It's not an easy feat to get in. I've been working on prereqs for 4 years. I decided to go into nursing because of my family, and I want the best for me, my husband and our children. I got accepted on my second try. I choose the ADN ...
  9. KCC ADN FALL 2013

    nicm64, as long as you have direct interaction with a patient it qualifies. Looks like your stats were good too - did you get in? kaanoi & anita920, UHManoa extended the deadline to the 19th to respond because they hadn't heard from me. I neve...
  10. I made it :)

    Yay!! Congratulations and best of luck! Just think of all those applicants, and that YOU made it in, so be proud!
  11. "Note to New Students" Nursing School is not all bad!!!

    Thank you, I truly appreciate this. lilwonder, I have been able to restrain from reading the negative posts but the titles can be scary enough. I just got in (on my second try) to one of the hardest-to-get-in programs, notoriously heavy on clinical...
  12. Not sure this environment is for me

    I'm not sure where you are located, but in my unit we have 4 male nurses. They are very good nurses - I would let them care for me and my family. They contribute a different point of view (which can be refreshing) and contribute their brawn where I a...