Human Cadavers

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    I almost passed out from excitement today when my A&P teacher said we'd have an optional opportunity to explore a flash frozen human cadaver!! I thought I'd only experience this if I chose medical school! Anyways, I am obviously so excited. Professor will be doing the dissection of abdomen and thoracic cavity and then we get to go in and explore, hold organs, move stuff around. Anyone else ever gotten to do this?
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    I have not -but how exiting! That sounds amazing!
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    Does "flash frozen" mean it's very well preserved? Our cadavers in AP are so old and decomposed, it's difficult to differentiate things. Would be so interesting to see one that was better preserved. Very cool!
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    As I understand flash frozen means right after death they are immediately "flash frozen" (no kidding, like a frozen food) preserving their organs with fluid tissue intact. So no formaldehyde. Just a "fresh" thawed body.
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    What a cool experience!!
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    Chelsea, that's awesome! I was always wishing AACC would allow us to do that. Could you message me the info? I want to partake! (It said your inbox was full).
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    whoo! That's awesome!

    My (nursing) school offers a cadaver dissection class that is completely optional, and it's mixed in with the medical students at another school. It's also really expensive. I don't know anyone that has taken it with our already full class schedule! :P
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    Thats awesome!! Enjoy
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    That would be so awesome! My A&P professor completely removed all dissections from the coursework So it was strictly microscope slides, models, and pictures in lab.
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    awesome! I did something similar when I was in 8th grade. I wish my college offered that, I bet I would have learned a lot!

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