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    Math isn't so much as being easy or hard as it is about memorizing formulas and the rules associated with particular operations. For an example you would be expected to know that 2^(-1/2) is √2/2.
    The first thing you should be conferable with are the order of operations :
    4)addition/ subtraction
    There are also certain rules that apply with-in each group as well which would explain my example if you didn't understand it.
    One thing I might suggest is to find a math websites that have lesson plans and then go through them sequentially. Google pre-algebra and algebra.

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    My daughter used It is a pay site with videos and math help ranging from middle school to some college algebra. She hadn't had much algebra in High School yet, but by doing the Algebra 1 & 2 that they offered, she placed into college algebra...and earned herself an A in the class last semester.

    BTW...I found the site because I somehow placed into college algebra on my entrance exam, but couldn't remember the basics. I used it for about 1/3 of my class and managed to get an A in college algebra as well.

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