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How many hrs a day or a week, did you study for A&P1? And what grade did u get from the class? just curious because I'm taking it this spring. -Sent from my iPhone... Read More

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    I studied on average 2 hrs a day/5 days a week...I studied my butt off for the final though!!! I got an A...good luck! Just figure out what study method works for you and you'll be fine The material isn't that difficult there is just A LOT of it!
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    Quote from ph94

    OMG that's SOOOOOO much studying makes me nervous
    I will tell you it was more than the average but I outlined both books front to back and still, three years later remember the smallest nuance of things. I think it worked great for me. Was it over kill? Sure. But if it sticks with you in the long run its good.
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    Starting this weekend...probably about...half a day Saturday and the other 23 hrs of Sunday, lol. Got assigned to read and memorize chapters 1-6 with a test next Thursday that we must pass with an 80%. Isn't this fun! I'll let you know how it goes.