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I just went through about 100 RN job postings, and I would say about 86 of them said BSN required or preferred. That was kind of a wake up call... now I am re-thinking everything again.... Read More

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    Going the ABSN route. I already have a B.A., so an ADN seems like a waste of time to me...especially since lots of hospitals prefer BSNs and I eventually want to dabble in Nursing Mgmt/ Administration. I would've gone straight for the Direct-Entry Masters, but I didn't feel like taking the GRE yet. Ultimately I want to earn a DNP and become a CRNA, so it just made more sense to go straight for the BSN.

    Can I afford it? Not really. But very few people CAN! In my opinion, you do what you HAVE to do in order to do what you WANT to do. Sure those loan payments will suck, but if I'm happy in my career, I'd say it's well worth it. (Let's just hope I love nursing as much as I expect to lol)
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