How do I evaluate a sthethoscope?

  1. 1 I must have a stethoscope by day one of my Nursing 1300 (first) course. I have a short list of must-have equipment. Sthethoscope a vary greatly. My MIL (a retired nurse) recommends "One with double tubes that are then contained in one tube with a single chest piece that picks up high and low sounds based on pressure." She said Litman is good, but then said $300 range.Wow! I intend to keep this for years, but I need a good value for my money. Advice on make/model and when to or not to skimp on price is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't agree with the "two tubes" advice he/she gave. Your basic Littman's classic II SE should do you just fine (one tube). Price range for these around $100 or so if I am not mistaken.
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    A basic Littmann is $80. The more advanced models are $100-250ish. The basic Littmann is very good. I would go with that. Great acoustics.
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    MDF is a great brand comparable to littman and a little cheaper
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    If I were you I would go ahead and get the Littman master cardiology stethoscope I have this one and it works absolutely wonderfully! Plus the website I got it from will engrave it for free so hopefully no one will take it! I had a cheap one at first and then bought this one and am so glad i did. Plus it has what your retired nurse was saying to get, here is where I got mine they have quite a few colors. 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope: Caribbean Blue 2178
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    I would get the 80 dollar range one for school. Sometime things can walk away. Save you or your families money. You will hear every you need to hear on a littman classic or the mdf
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    Ok, so a solid, basic scope...I think I have found two. Thoughts on either of these?

    Litman Classic II SE $80

    Litman Master Classic $99

    Not a huge difference in price so I'm wondering if there is a big difference in functionality.
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    Look at ultrascope. It will run you about $100 plus engraving. The warranty any be beat. I had to replace my entire that and all new tubing for $7. It's a great stethoscope and a great price and a fabulous warranty.
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    I had a Littmann Classic II S.E. in school and so did a lot of my other classmates. It's great. All Littmanns have a tuneable diaphragm, so essentially you could use one side and hear both high-pitched (diaphragm) and low-pitched (bell) sounds with just a simple change in pressure.
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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    I had a Littmann Classic II S.E. in school and so did a lot of my other classmates. It's great. All Littmanns have a tuneable diaphragm, so essentially you could use one side and hear both high-pitched (diaphragm) and low-pitched (bell) sounds with just a simple change in pressure.

    Not accurate...there are single sided littmann stethoscopes out there. I have is a high end cardiology.
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    double tubes are bad...the tubes rub together creating extra unwanted really want single tube. I have a littmann Classic cost me right at $200 bucks with engraving of my is the black edition from I have had it almost 9 years and it is OUTSTANDING! It is a single headed steth and works fantastic on peds too. It has held up 9 years blood and everything else working 911 EMS and is still going strong!
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    Another vote for ultrascope.
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    I thought I would chime in here because I have an interesting story (to me anyways) about my stethoscope. I am currently have about 4 months left in a BSN program through Tx A&M. In the beginning I bought a scope, I think I may have spent $70-$80, and was pretty proud of it cause I assumed it worked really well. I mean I could hear lung sounds real well, as well as great heart sounds. However, during my Fundamental clinical, I was pulled aside by a Nurse Practitioner whom decided to teach me how to do a full physical assessment. I was excited and nervous at the same time. As we were listening to heart sounds, he kept pointing out things I was not hearing. He must of seen the perplexed look on my face because after wiping off his ear pieces with alcohol, he allowed me to listen with his scope. I was amazed at the difference and ease I could hear everything. He took a look at my scope and called it trash. He had the Littmann Cardiology Original. I started looking around and found the Littman Cardiology 3 which was only $120 on Amazon. It still sometimes amazes me in the difference during auscultation. I have had seasoned Nurses ask to see my scope and even a few that have their own Cardiology and swear by them. I know a lot of people say that it's not something to spend the money on and there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars. However, your tools of the trade can betray you so this is something I would not want to skimp on. Just my opinion.
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