How can a W affect me?

  1. Hi! I'm taking the first of my last two semesters to complete all my pre-nursing classes. I'm taking world history II, and I hate it. The teacher is crazy! I'm thinking about dropping the class, but I don't want my grades to be affected. So far all my grades are A, and I have a 4.0 GPA, but if I drop the class now, I will have a W of withdrawn. I haven't ever dropped a class!

    This class is just putting to much stress on me and it is because of the teacher. I don't know what should I do :/
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  3. by   HelloWish
    If you only have one W on your transcript, but otherwise a 4.0, it shouldn't be a problem. You might want to check with your nursing school of choice though.
  4. by   Kuriin
    Having a W on your transcript won't affect your chances of getting into nursing school. I have several due to uncertainty of finishing said classes. If you're nervous about the W, talk about it in your personal statement and explain why you had to drop it.
  5. by   HammockBound
    My school doesnt count W only if you fail or below C
  6. by   emde
    Thanks to all of you. I took a test today, and I did pretty good. Let's see what happen. I don't trust that teacher!
  7. by   KelRN215
    I have 5 Ws on my transcript because I withdrew an entire semester my sophomore year of college to take a medical LOA. It's yet to affect me in any way.
  8. by   zoe92
    W's do not affect you. Their purpose is so you can withdraw if you are failing or if something comes up and you can't take the class. Most schools do not count how many W's you have or hold it against you, as long as you don't have something ridiculous like 6 W's for unexplained reasons.
  9. by   Stephalump
    I think it depends on your program. Look into how your wannabe nursing programs select their students. Some programs don't care. More selective programs might look at your entire transcript as a whole, and Ws can detract if you have more that your fair share - especially if they're spread apart and not all at once.

    Since you'd only have one, I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't worry unless you start dropping classes over and over again, and only if your program cares.
  10. by   __patiently_waiting
    I'm having the same problem. I dislike history altogether. I took US History last semester & it was the only B i had out of 7 classes. The rest were A's. Now that I'm taking world history it's the same thing. On top of that I have a foreign teacher which makes learning so much harder. The class started with about 120 of us. There is less than 100 of us now.

    This is my dilemma: Should I drop the class and take a W? Because I know for a fact that will be the only class that I might have a B in. Even tho I made an A on our first test, we took a midterm the week after and we were so unprepared, I'm pretty sure I didn't do good on it. My question is, would it be worth taking a W instead of a B and just take it another semester, or just stick it out and try to make the A/take the B?

    These grades will be the last to go on my transcript before I apply to nursing school so I'm trying my best to get all A's. I'm so confused. We are in the same situation with the same class. Ugh :/ Good luck to you with whatever you choose!
  11. by   studentbear
    At my school, a W does not affect GPA. If you're receiving financial aid, you'll want to check with the financial aid office and make sure that dropping a class won't cause any problems.