Has anyone dropped natural science classes and gotten accepted?

  1. So I was wondering if anyone has ever dropped multiple natural science classes and still found themselves a school that has accepted their applications. From what I see most schools do not accept applicants with multiple drops. I made the mistake when I was younger of taking classes just to keep my parents insurance and had a rough time figuring out a career and made mistakes while figuring it out and seems like now after learning and maturing I see little to no options as a start. Has anyone else gone through something similar and found schools willing to work with them. I live in south florida and have been looking at the schools down here but I also started looking out of state. Any feed back is appreciated thank you.
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  3. by   Swellz
    I had multiple "failures" my first college go-round; I earned below a C+, which means it would not count towards my degree, but not technically failing the course meaning I still got university credit for the class. That is a little nonsensical, but my school had been a 2+2 program, so I wasn't technically in nursing school yet. Not going to lie, I was denied by every nursing school I applied to. I ultimately earned a different degree (biological anthropology) from the same school, which was an awesome experience for me. Now, I am graduating in less than four months from a 2nd degree BSN program.
    I'm not going to say the additional debt doesn't suck, because it does (there is no money for students in 2nd-degree bachelor's programs). However, I would not trade my first degree for another attempt. I love what I learned and I matured as a person. At my interview for nursing school, my poor grades were brought up. Because I excelled in classes my junior and senior year, I was able to say that I was ready to tackle nursing school, and had evidence to back it up.
    Your personal route will depend on your school and your grades. Talk to an advisor and see what they say. I find that community colleges are more flexible than traditional four year schools. You may have to retake classes or get good grades in different classes to prove you can handle the demands of the program. Good luck.
  4. by   Oniizanagi
    Yea I had thought about the approach you took also with earning a diff degree and coming back to it. My issue isn't so much the grades but the drops. My overall gpa is 3.03 my sciences gpa is 3.2 with A&P 1 A in lec B in lab, A&P 2 lec B with a C in lab, MicroBio lec was an A. Just missing the chem lec which stands to be my only F with a C in the lab. Thank you for your time it has opened up some hope
  5. by   mswtruth
    I feel a bit embarrassed to ask this but are your previous transcript grades taken into account when applying to nursing programs even if they are more than a decade old?I too made mistakes when I was younger. Granted it was 14 years ago, but I withdrew late from almost all of my courses my last semester in college to take a job in the field I was studying. I never actually completed my BA. 14 years later I'm now pursuing nursing and currently doing fairly well in all my classes. Will my past come to ruin my chances of applying to BSN programs?
  6. by   Oniizanagi
    From what I have experienced so far the past does bite you back just not sure how far back...mine was between 2-8 yrs ago...
  7. by   x_factor
    Depends on the school. If you can find a community college with an ADN program whose requirements are just your pre-req GPA, then your past probably won't matter.

    I went to college right out of highschool over a decade ago and was immature as so many people that age are, and my GPA was just plain pitiful. Now I'm at a community college finishing up my pre-reqs for their nursing program, and the only requirements are my pre-req GPA for the classes they require, and my HESI test score. They couldn't care less about my past.
  8. by   Oniizanagi
    Yea that's something I am hoping to find in a school. Atm MDC and BCC are not forgiving so I am looking around still
  9. by   Oniizanagi
    Thank you so far the input guys
  10. by   WannaBNursey
    I had multiple drops and was able to get into an ADN RN program. They looked at the grades earned, not the classes dropped, out of the required courses. If I had a D in Micro, retook it and got a B, they factored the B into their points. If I dropped A&P2 twice (which I did) retook it and got a C, the C was what was factored into the GPA. If you find an ADN program in your area, you could just finish your BSN online in a year. Online ADN-BSN programs are everywhere now. Good luck to you and God bless!
  11. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I withdrew from microbiology once, but passed the next semester with an "A" and had no problem getting in the first try to my merit based nursing program.

    Are you talking about dropping or taking a "W" (withdraw)? At the JC I transferred from before nursing school, if you "dropped" a class before a specific deadline, nothing showed up on your transcript; it was only if you waited too long and took a "W" that anyone would know you took a class and never finished.
  12. by   Oniizanagi
    Yea I dropped after deadlines so a W would show. But I'm keeping my eyes open for schools....I may have found one but its a good hour and some away. However if that's what it takes so be it. Now crossing my fingers.