GPA killing grades from previous college. Submit the transcript. yes/no?

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    So I had a horrible 2 semesters at a previous college with repeats. Enough that I couldnt register for new classes so I went to another college with the drive that I shouldve had from the beginning but had a ton of personal distractions and hardships, and now I'm amazing myself at how much of a turn around I've accomplished.
    I've heard that schools use the national student clearing house to find out where students have attended but I just found out that the school I did horribly in isnt on the list of participating schools.
    I know what the honest thing to do is, and it'll kill me thinking about it throughout any nursing school career but I'm so incredibly scared that itll ruin any chances of getting into a nursing program especially being recent grades. I'm just looking for an opinion whether or not Ill be ok omitting those transcripts.
    Please help me consider all angles

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    I think that you should check whether or not your school wants all transcripts from every college attended or not. Some schools that I've looked into specifically state that you must send all college transcripts. Check the college website, or call/e-mail them to be sure. Once you find out your answer (and follow accordingly), you can have a clear conscience.
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    I had the same problem when I was applying but my school had a forgiveness policy that wiped out credits that were older. I've heard of other schools that do this too. Try to look into that for any program you're interested in if you're required to submit all of your transcripts. Everyone makes mistakes but you've turned it around. Don't let that discourage you!
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    I had the same problem but if I hadn't submitted all of my transcripts, I would never have gotten in. Our school doesn't have a forgiveness policy and they don't tell you if your file is missing anything. You just get a letter later telling you 'sorry your file is incomplete so try next year'. Submit everything
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    If the school asks for all transcripts then you will need to provide them all. One of my friends tried to hide one of her old transcripts because she failed a majority of the classes at the old school. She got into the program and was in her last semester of NS. The school somehow found out about the missing transcript and she was dismissed from the program with only a few months before graduation!

    She went through a bout of depression but decided to try again. After numerous applications she was accepted into another program. She did provide all transcripts that time around.

    If I were you I wouldn't risk it. Good luck!
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    Even if they don't use the clearing house, did you receive financial aid at the previous college? If so, don't you think it will look suspicious when they see you have previous financial aid payouts but you say you haven't attended any other school?It can be seen as financial aid fraud if you don't disclose all coursework, since previous credit hours are a huge part of eligibility.
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    I am a firm believer that Karma will get you in the end. You have to sign "the information I provided is true and correct" statements when you apply. What if you get accepted and then they kick you out midway because you lied. Is it worth it? You will always be worried
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    Quote from ebailey1218
    I am a firm believer that Karma will get you in the end. You have to sign "the information I provided is true and correct" statements when you apply. What if you get accepted and then they kick you out midway because you lied. Is it worth it? You will always be worried
    Or worse, they find out after, revoke your degree, and inform the BON.
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    Well, it depends. (Ain't this the most frustrating thing about life?)

    As xInspiredx said, some schools want a transcript from every school you ever went to--even the summer school after you graduated from high school, where you took a one-time-only tiddly winks championship strategy seminar.

    I've been told--verbally, by phone--"If you don't send us a transcript from EVERY college you've EVER attended, we'll find out--and you will be FOREVER barred from attending this college, in any form, fashion, or for whatever reason."

    Ouch!--those guys must have their noses individually chiseled out of really hard rock!

    In my current evolution, I've been told, "We don't need to see transcripts from schools where none of the courses you took would have any bearing on our curriculum." Tremendously fair, I thought.

    So, I would say, ask questions up front; perhaps the phrasing of your questions (don't be devious, now) may help elicit the answers you need.
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    Thank you all. I dont even really know why i asked this question. Maybe a sudden overwhelming fear of not getting in, but i want to do it the right way even if it means not getting into my top choice. My load will be several tons lighter going about it the honest way.. my grades though have a rough history, now they look like theyre from a completely different student from one semester to the next and i hope they see that. once again thank you all. corny but honesty is the best policy. Ill feel good about myself versus carrying a guilty load.
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