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Since we had these threads when I was in A&P I and II, and I thought I'd start one for Microbiology. Anybody else delving into the world of bacteria and viruses this fall? Let's start a support... Read More

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    Congratulations everyone !

    Our grades get posted on Christmas eve
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    That's great!! Congratulations!!

    I am taking micro lab and lecture in January...
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    Good luck Tobs
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    I'm done too. A in both Micro lab & lecture. A in A&P II lab and, unless something went wrong, lecture should be an A as well.
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    Im done with micro. Yeah!!!!loved lab but had a horrible teacher for lecture.
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    Grades posted today, I got an A in microbiology!
    Keeping a 4.0

    I found micro to be the most challenging pre-rec
    Study a lot, know whit microbe to what disease, know what a + and - result if all experiments are, and why
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    Final grades were posted...got an A in both lecture & lab...YAY!
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    Got a B in microbiology! TOUGH class! Now off to start RN program in January. Congrats everyone ! Got my scrubs/uniform in mail Friday!!
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    I got As in both lecture and lab!
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