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Since we had these threads when I was in A&P I and II, and I thought I'd start one for Microbiology. Anybody else delving into the world of bacteria and viruses this fall? Let's start a support... Read More

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    I really enjoy microbiology. I think it's more interesting than A/P. but the exams I hate it, I will pick A/P over and over. I found my trick for micro. My first exam had 65 1 week studies. After that I have been studying everyday. Second test was 94 third test was 98. It's a everyday study for 1hr at least Good luck everybody. Semester is almost done. I'm getting ready for pharmacology next semester

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    I wish you all luck who are starting micro. like physiology and anatomy, it's a lot of memorization, although once you start incorporating what you learn in class in the lab setting, it can actually get pretty fun sometimes

    just keep up with the reading, pay attention in lecture, and try your best to apply what you learn in lab. that is what helped me and i'm closing in on my microbiology final this thursday.

    Good luck!
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    Hellakkat I was told Micro was not like AnP2 in terms of memorization. So there is what are the other similarities if any?

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    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Hellakkat I was told Micro was not like AnP2 in terms of memorization. So there is what are the other similarities if any?

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    I find my study habits are very different between A&P and micro. A&P 1 was 99% memorization, A&P 2 was about 50% memorization and 50% understanding the processes, and micro has been very little memorization and pretty much all comprehension. For A&P, I was all about the flash cards! For micro, I read and re-read the powerpoints and lecture book over and over again.
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    Depends on your teacher
    Ours is tons of info, not memorizing, lots of Chem. DNA, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, much deeper the either A&p

    I liked both a&p's not so much microbiology.

    Can't wait till its over!
    We have/had 4 lecture tests , 2 lab tests
    1 gram stain practical
    2 unknown bacteria with a 5 page paper
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    Ours has been quite a bit of memorization: bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, diseases...it's tough, because I'm not the best with memorization. Give me application and comprehension, and I'm good.

    We started our unknowns, and I was a mess. I shook like a leaf the entire lab. My gram stains were pathetic (even dropped a slide into the used dye), and I think I messed up my streak plate. I can't believe how nervous I was! I'm not sure how to get past my nerves tomorrow, but I have GOT to find a way.
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    I found out I am sitting right on the B/C line. I thought my grade was definitely the lower end of the C. This includes lab as well. I still have my lab practical and the professor needs to grade my unknown paper. I am kind of nervous for my last lecture test on Thursday before finals (same day as practical). I am trying to keep positive with this.
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    I honestly can't believe I did so well in microbiology. The first class I was freaked out about not being to see anything in the microscope and today I completed the final lab practical with a grade that put me over what I need to make an A in the course without having to take the final lecture test next week. Our instructor worked us really hard the first couple of months so we got the unknown done by the middle of November which made the last few weeks so much easier. She also gave us lots of extra credit quizzes online. I do believe it has a lot to do with the instructor so make sure you get a good reference on your potential micro teacher. No more science courses.... yeah!!!
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    I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Just got exam #4 back and preparing for the lab final tomorrow and then my lecture final on Monday and I am done! I have really enjoyed this class and it might have been my favorite of all my science courses! I am actually sad my last science course is almost done (which means boring GE courses for one semester). Good luck to everyone finishing finals!!!
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    I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel, isn't an on coming train. Lol

    Tonight, we are handing in our unknown papers, having a lecture test, then stuff in lab.

    We still have lab final next Tuesday, and lecture final, the following tuesday. December 18th

    I'm stilling on an A right now, but this class and teacher is tough.

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