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Since we had these threads when I was in A&P I and II, and I thought I'd start one for Microbiology. Anybody else delving into the world of bacteria and viruses this fall? Let's start a support thread! Let's share our victories... Read More

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    My first quiz I looked over my notes and read the chapter and walked away with a 65%. That was a kick in the butt so for the quiz I took today I buckled down and spent probably 15+ hours this weekend studying: reading/taking notes from book, rechecking class notes, making flashcards, and doing quizzes online. Today I took the quiz and got a 90%. Much better, but I did make one stupid mistake and it could have been a 95--coulda woulda shoulda. The big test is Wednesday, going to go back over all flashcards and reread the 1st chapter and study microscopes. I need an A.........but before I can do all of that I have to do my Organic Chemistry work!! This semester is killing me.

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    Wishing you guys the best of luck on your future tests and quizzes. Mine won't be until two weeks from now, and it is on the first 3 chapters. So far, lab is pretty fun. Just looking at pathogens and microorganisms.
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    This class isn't occupying enough of my time! Haha, I have the most boring job in the world, and my manager is kind enough to let me sneak in the books when I want to study, but it's not quite taking up all 40 hours per week. However, we have just mostly been going over the very basic stuff - history of microbiology, taxonomy, a quick review of the Chem class I took over the summer, and some stuff about water and pH. Our first exam is tonight, so hopefully I don't eat my words...

    Lab is good so far. I'm still not the best with the microscope, but I'm getting better! And I am no longer terrified that I will set something on fire with the bunsen burner.
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    We had our first lecture exam yesterday (chapters 1,2,4,5, and 7) and I got a 94%. Happy about that! I definitely don't need to study as much as I did for A&P. I have a 100% so far in lab (1 quiz and several pre-lab checks). We have our first lab exam Thursday so that's what I'm studying for today.

    Good luck to those with tests this week!
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    I took my first quiz about a week ago made a 19/20. Today I took my first test I will know Thursday what I made. I prefer A&P 1 and 2 over microbiology any day.
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    Lab was so much fun yesterday. We took cultures and we are going to look at them tomorrow. I sure hope everything comes out good (I was very careful to follow the directions given) so it should.
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    Yesterday I spent 6 hours writing 4 case studies....ughhh! I don't want to talk about cell walls, nucleoids or causative agents for at least two days.
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    Had our first lab exam on Monday. Our prof was supposed to give us back our lecture exams today, but said he hadn't finished grading them. So we won't know our lecture exam scores until Thursday. We should have our lab exams back tomorrow. I'll be interested to see what I get on them. He really likes to put essay questions on his tests, which I don't particularly like. We're doing staining tomorrow, which is always fun
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    Got our lab exams back today....100%!!! Woo hoo!!!

    Still waiting to get our lecture exams back. I don't think I did as well on that one. I know I missed 3 questions for sure. Hoping the essay questions will keep my grade up. Fingers crossed...
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    I made a 92% on my first Micro test......This is soooo much easier than AP I and II!

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