Excessive Excitement

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    It started about a year ago when I realized nursing was my calling, and has gotten progressively worse. At first it was more of a relief that I had finally found my place. Now that I knew where I was going, I could go ahead and start gettin' there. Then I was accepted into my nursing school and it just snowballed from there. I went to orientation, set up a financial aid plan, made it through my first week of prerequisites, and I'm still going strong! I look forward to going to school every day, and in fact, wish I had longer classes (cue everyone looking at me like I've done lost my mind). I'm one good bounce away from duct taping myself to my seats. I can hardly contain my joy, and it shows. I'm pretty sure all of my professors think I'm slightly psychotic because every time they glance at me, I'm staring at them with this grin from God on my face. Seriously, I'd be more than a little freaked out and uncomfortable if I had to teach a class with a steadfast starer smiling at me. I can only imagine (and cringe) at what they're thinking. I'm working on controlling myself going into our second week, but no progress has been made as of yet.

    So my curiosity has gotten the best of me. Has anyone else been so excited about nursing school and their future profession that people are starting to think you're downright weird?

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    I admire your enthusiasm, I hope it stays strong long into your nursing career!
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    Good 4 U!!! Keep smiling... I am smiling, just reading your post tonight.
    If I was in nursing school right now, I would be walking on air too!
    Your hard work has paid off, and your positive outlook will keep you mentally healthy!
    You are setting a wonderful example! Really. I have that natural "happy" gene too!
    Many blessings 2 U. God Bless.
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    So wonderful to hear!! I am excited to know what my calling is as well
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    Yes, I was that person in LPN school
    I was 39 years old, so finding mr calling and pursuing it brought me great joy.

    Don't get me wrong, I was stressed, cried, wanted to quit , but always was excited to learn something new.
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