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I dont know if i can wait anymore. Every single day im thinking about whether or not i've been accepted. Ive applied to 3 schools. CSUCI for my BSN (1st choice) and i was rejected. 2nd choice is Ventura College for an ADN (still... Read More

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    I'm in the same boat with everyone on here. The college I'm waiting on said they can't make decisions until May 16th. They are waiting till the end of the semester grades are in then they will look at all GPA's, Hesi scores, and core classes. They do a ranking of all of these. From highest to lowest. I have alot of stress while waiting because I am planning for an acceptance and rejection. My husband is out of work and wants to start back soon but he's not applying for jobs in our area until he finds out if I got in the program or not because if I get in we will have to move. So I feel like I'm holding everybody up from making plans. Anyway I will try not to call the school or harrass the mailman. Even though I did pretend I was my friend who applied with me and asked questions since I have already called the school too much.
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    hahaha christi m "trying to pan in case i do get accepted for fall and trying to plan in case i dont get accepted!" we are in the same boat!! planning on if's, when's, and buts! its horrible thinking you might get in but you dont want to get your hopes up and tell yourself you're going to get in. i hope you get in with and pass your classes goodluck!

    thank you elirn3

    i hope you get in as well dbabklyn goodluck!
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