Direct Entry MSN or ABSN without chemistry?

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    Do you guys know of any direct entry Masters in Nursing programs (or accelerated bachelor's in nursing programs) that don't require chemistry or that allow a C- in chemistry.

    My google search is being difficult because it won't acknowledge the minus and keeps giving me schools that say you need a C or better.

    So far all I could come up with is:
    Yale (no prerequisites)
    Johns Hopkins
    University of Rochester
    Regis (ABSN)
    Virginia Commonwealth (ABSN)

    Could you guys help me find more? Please!
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    Why don't you just retake the chemistry?
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    Is it wrong of me to think that one should not be able to get into advanced degree nursing programs without being able to understand Chemistry? I mean, come one seem to just want what you want without thinking about the very real and valid reasons those requirements are there.

    I agree with the last poster. Re-take Chemistry.
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    Depending on the school, they might not really care about the minus part. I would apply anyway - IF I couldn't re-take the class.

    But there is no shame in re-taking a difficult course like that; most of my friends going into nursing school had to re-take at least one of the sciences. I would honestly take the time to do it over, and allocate a piece of my personal statement to explain what happened the first time, if applicable (e.g., "My mom was sick this semester and I was taking care of her, so I had a hard time keeping up with the Chemistry class").

    I will say that the kinds of programs you are looking for are probably less forgiving than the ADN programs. Maybe you could look into some of those?
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    While some of those programs listed my not require it, they are extremely competitive, so having a C- might make admissions difficult.

    If you are planning on NP at some point you will need a strong enough chem background to pass adv pharm.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I did take an organic chemistry course without taking basic chemistry first so that is why I have the C-.
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    Our Master's Entry program at the University of Virginia does not require chemistry. We only require Human A&P, Lifespan Development, and statistics.
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