Did anyone think that A&P II was an easier course than A&P I?

  1. 0 There is a rumor in my school stating that A&P II is an easier course to take than A&P I. I (of course) am hoping this is correct, but I just don't know. For anyone out there who has already taken both A&P classes, did you believe that A&P II was an easier course to take than A&P I? Also, is there any tips you can pass down to me, so I can get the most efficient grade possible?

    Thank you for your time and responses! :heartbeat
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    Quote from Ev1987
    There is a rumor in my school stating that A&P II is an easier course to take than A&P I. I (of course) am hoping this is correct, but I just don't know. For anyone out there who has already taken both A&P classes, did you believe that A&P II was an easier course to take than A&P I? Also, is there any tips you can pass down to me, so I can get the most efficient grade possible?

    Thank you for your time and responses! :heartbeat

    I personally thought A&P II was much easier. But I should say that with the understanding that I am much better at book tests than I am at recognizing pictures. Memorizing all the bones in A&P I made me want to poke out my own eyes. Most people I talked to are the exact opposite. They'd rather memorize bones than take a written test.

    Also it helps to research your teacher before you sign up for him/her. I go to ratemyprofessor.com first to see what other students say about a teacher before I sign up. Incidentally, it was my first A&P teacher that got me in this habit. Her tests went something like this: "Ok class, we're having a test on Monday on everything we covered so far. See you Monday!!" (No study guide, no review, nothing) Maybe it makes me lazy to say that....but throw me a frickin' bone!!
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    I must agree with Griffin123. A&P II for me was easier. It was mostly Physiology with very little Anatomy. I enjoy learning the how and why of things much better than the learning of a particular notch on a bone etc. I always check ratemyprofessor.com and also use myedu.com. On Myedu.com the grades from the semesters are uploaded directly from the school to the myedu.com website. This way you are getting more accurate grades from the professors history. If a particular professor has a history of only giving 5% A's 12% B's 40% C's then I stay away from this professor. Make a free account on myedu.com and locate your school then do a search for either a particular subject or professor. Good Luck!! Study, Study, Study!!!
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    I have taken both A & P I and II and got A's in both of them. I personally thought that A & P I was easier.

    About researching a professor, I use ratemyprofessor.com to check out the scoop on instructors, keeping in mind that they are other people's comments and you know how people can 'judge' others...but to get a general idea.

    My instructors gave powerpoint presentations which was awesome as there is so much information! It really helped that they narrowed it down!

    Best of luck!
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    No way really??? lol. I thought II was much harder! Much more in depth at my school, a lot more processes you had to understand. I could memorize bones and muscles no problem, but in II you actually had to put it all together. I ENJOYED it more, but it was hard IMO.
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    i just finished 2 and thought it was a bit harder than 1...sometimes i wished i only had bones to remember......
    got an a in both 1 and 2 though.......just study!!

    now on to micro........one class at a time...slow and steady
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    My A&P was broken up into two parts. I had Anatomy one semester and Physiology the next. Physiology was much better in my case and I enjoyed it so much more than Anatomy. I learned alot in both classes and had the same instructor for both classes, she was a tough cookie let me tell ya! I didn't enjoy dissecting the cats, I loathed it. I was extremely thrilled to have finished Anatomy and got it done and over with. Physiology was much more interesting, I felt I learned alot more in it than in Anatomy.

    Anatomy was alot of memorization, vocabulary, and definitions. My lab practical exams were beyond terrifying. I didn't like my lab practical exams on the cells. The bones, muscles and nervous systems were overwhelming. Urinary system was the most difficult. I really enjoyed our cardiovascular lectures and labs.

    If your instructor/professor will allow you to take pictures or video record the mock lab practical exams, DO IT! That is something to ask when you get in lab. Take advantage of the FULL lab hour(s) in lab. Stay after or longer, if you can and really study the displays and whatnot. Leaving early when you think you have got it down, but really don't, won't help you. Studying from a book or lab manual for your lab practical exams, is not the way to do it. Yes, it helps but you're going to be tested on the cats and displays, not your book. Ask questions, have the instructor show you what you are trying to find on a display or cat if you honestly can't make heads or tails of it. Most of all, relax.
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    I'm starting AP II this coming week, a friend of mine told me to learn the Endocrine System REALLY well and that it will help me ALOT!

    Is this true?

    I'm excited as I do enjoy the Physiology aspect of things, the rote memorization can get quite dull after awhile....

    For those that got A's what was the hardest topic for you to master in AP II?
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    In my experience II was harder. I was taught by an associate professor with a Master's degree. While he was a good instructor and we learned the material, it was mostly rote memorization. In II the course was taught by an MD who challenged us and made us apply our learning, since 90% of our class was nursing hopefuls he really prepared us for the NCLEX style questions we see in the nursing program. I got an A in both courses, but it was much harder to come by in II.
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    Personally I thought A&P 2 was easier. I think it was because all the systems in A&P 1 just had soooo many parts to them to memorize. Skin, bones, muscles, neuro. A&P2 just came easier to me.
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    I thought A&PII was easier but it was 95% because of the teacher. She was extremely lenient and she was ready to go home like everyone else, as it was a night class. I loved both classes though.
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    I thought they were comparable in terms of the time needed to study and the effort necessary in lab. The information given in both classes is extensive, so studying every night for an hour or so is key. AP2 is much more physiology based, as the others have said, so the type of learning you need to do is sifferent. Less memorization and more application using the information base acquired from AP1. The areas we spent the most time on were the endocrine system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Review gas exchange, laws of mass action from chemistry, muscles and the molecules that they function with as well as how they use them, types of transport (active, passive, facilitated), diffusion. All these processes will help you to piece together the new info from AP2. If you got an A in 1, you can do it again. You know what it takes. Best of luck!
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    i found II much easier. A&P I was harder because the topics were jumpy/jerky to learn and didn't "flow" for me. II followed a "path" in my mind. thats the best i can explain it. i actually went 3 grades higher (not my grades but a c to a b, or a b- to a A-) so you can kinda see II was easier for me. same teacher for both classes, so i have to say it was the material that made the dif. that and the fact i was taking 1 other class w/ A&P II while w/ A&P I it was one of 4 classes. plus i used 'magic notes' in II which i didn't have in I so those def helped. Good luck in the class!
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