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I have a pretty much all A average but I absolutely cannot understand college algebra. I've always been able to learn anything, but not this. How did everyone else get through it???... Read More

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    Ok. So I purposely got a BA in a liberal arts field the first time around so that I wouldn't have to take higher math and science. I got through college algebra the THIRD time I took it, and only because the professor took pity on me.

    Fast forward to the future and the job market bottoms out and I decide to make a career change into nursing. And... I had to do more entrance exams AND I had to take those science courses I purposely chose NOT to take the first time around. And... I needed to do well in math.

    I found this free website that helped me to understand math in a way I had never "gotten" it before.
    Maybe it will help you out too.

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    Here, Becky:

    Completing the square | Quadratic functions | Khan Academy

    Maybe that will help you. He explains things really well!
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    I got a B in college algebra only because I went to class early, and stayed late for all the extra help I can get. Math has always been Greek to me.
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    beckyboo1- most colleges offer free tutoring that is also a great help. It may have tutoring hours that will work better for you. At my university, math tutoring is available until 10pm Sun-Thurs. It can't hurt to look into it.
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    it's a small community college or i'm sure tutoring hours would me available
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    I went to a relatively small community college and they had an amazing tutoring center. I would definitely look into it. Also see if your college offers Trio. Beyond that, there are some great websites that can help you. If you are truly not able to understand it, can you drop down to a lower class? I know at our college they had some pre-algebra classes that helped with the basics. The plus side - you had a strong foundation for any math classes you might taken. The con? They weren't considered a college level class, therefore you didn't get any transfer credit for them.

    Good luck!
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    If you don't understand the class, textbook or teacher, google, bing or YouTube it. In today's techno world, resources are just a click or tap away. Good Luck and Happy Nursing!
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    Oh I feel your pain! I so dreaded Algebra as I stink at math terrible! But I am here to tell you that if I can do it, so can you!
    I passed with a "B" and was very proud of that!
    ( typically an A student)
    I found two thins that helped me. One was attitude. I love to learn and so I kept challanging myself and putting myself in a good frame of mine when I walked into class EACH DAY! I also explained my challanges to my teacher and lucky for me, he felt my pain and every day I would come to class early and work thru problems with him on the white board. This extra help did wonders for me as he could catch where I was going wrong and reinforce things I eeded to focus on. I hope you have a teacher as willing to help as mine did. I think technically I should have only got a "C" grade, but the teacher saw how hard I was trying, the homework done every day, the extra efforts I took and coming in early.
    I wish you best of luck in your class and know you can survive this! This too shall ast and Algebra will be a distant memory int he near future!
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    I have to take statistics next semester any advice????
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    Nursinginprogress love your avatar!! Those are HOTT!

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