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Hi guys! I applied to a school and found out that chemistry is not a pre req for their nursing program and you don't have to take it at all. Is that normal?... Read More

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    I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to pre-reqs, application dates, degree types, etc. and one of the columns is CHEM REQ?
    From what I've seen, it appears the chem requirement is more common in western schools and less common in eastern schools. I have no idea why this is, but if there is any sort of pattern to this requirement, that is the only one I have noticed.

    There are a number of ABSN programs in the east who do not require any chemistry while there are numbers of associates programs that do require it both east and west. I think every ABSN program I have looked at out west (Rocky Mts. and west) has a chem requirement.
    Really I have no idea why this is other than maybe some programs are trying to look more attractive to potential applicants than others. My top 4 schools all have a chem requirement. If I didn't mind leaving a good job and moving somewhere crappy, I'd apply to some of those non-chem requiring programs, but I'd rather get more medical experience at my job and spend an extra year taking chem.

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    Yeah, to take BIO 251 Microbiology we need to have CHEM 110 now which is annoying because I have one extra class to take now, and because only CSN offers it with only two open instructors for next fall.
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    That is a little weird to me
    I attend a university in CA., Biochem was mandatory.
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    ah lucky OP, you said its a legit program and no chemistry, so certainly I won't complain, one less class is one class. The program I am at required Inorganic biochemistry-while not as hard as the "real" chemistry that science majors take, it was still chem none the less. What I see in regards to chemistry in nursing programs- most do require some sort of chemistry-that "sort" of chemistry is a often a nursing version or a somewhat easier version of the standard chemistry that bio, chem, physics, etc... majors take. At the same time there are some schools that forgo chemistry all together-
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    I'm in the southeast, and only about half the BSN programs here require Chem. Of the ones that do, 2 semesters of Chem are required. Seems like a pretty big knowledge disparity among graduate nurses. Very odd. None of the ADN programs require it that I am aware of.
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    Education requirement vary school to school and state to state.....and yes there are ADN/ASN programs that require chemistry.
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    Sorry, I meant none of the ADN programs in my area require it.

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