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Chemistry not required for nursing program? - page 5

Hi guys! I applied to a school and found out that chemistry is not a pre req for their nursing program and you don't have to take it at all. Is that normal?... Read More

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    That is a little weird to me
    I attend a university in CA., Biochem was mandatory.
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    ah lucky OP, you said its a legit program and no chemistry, so certainly I won't complain, one less class is one class. The program I am at required Inorganic biochemistry-while not as hard as the "real" chemistry that science majors take, it was still chem none the less. What I see in regards to chemistry in nursing programs- most do require some sort of chemistry-that "sort" of chemistry is a often a nursing version or a somewhat easier version of the standard chemistry that bio, chem, physics, etc... majors take. At the same time there are some schools that forgo chemistry all together-
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    I'm in the southeast, and only about half the BSN programs here require Chem. Of the ones that do, 2 semesters of Chem are required. Seems like a pretty big knowledge disparity among graduate nurses. Very odd. None of the ADN programs require it that I am aware of.
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    Education requirement vary school to school and state to state.....and yes there are ADN/ASN programs that require chemistry.
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    Sorry, I meant none of the ADN programs in my area require it.
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    This is old now, Sept. 2016 but would like to know what Community College you went to thanks.
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    Intro to Chem for the CCs here & Chem 1 & Chem 2 for the 4 year colleges