Chemistry before Physiology?

  1. My anatomy teacher swears that students will need chemistry to do well in physiology. Is this true? Or, more importantly; is it all possible to do well without chemistry? I'm not afraid of chem, I'm just thinking of a time frame in which another science class isn't fitting.

    I know chemistry will be useful for pharmocology, too. And I'm starting to think I'll end up taking it, but I just want to be DONE with pre-req's already!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Chemistry, at least the high school course, is fundamental to the other science courses, and in some schools is a required prerequisite. At my present school it is a required prerequisite to both physiology and micro, and is a recommended prerequisite to anatomy.
  4. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    You'll be fine taking physiology without taking chemistry first, provided your school will allow you to do so. If that's what you need to do to make your schedule work, go for it.

    There isn't that much chemistry in pharmacology either, unless you're studying to be a pharmacist. For entry-level nursing education they aren't really breaking pharmacology down to the level of what's happening chemically in the body.
  5. by   MotivatedOne
    I took Chemistry before taking A&P and got an A in Chem and a C in A&P. I honestly don't think it matters. I would suggest taking Chemistry before taking Micro though.
  6. by   AccelCNL
    It depends on your school and what type of degree you are aiming for and if you plan on going on to get an MSN.
    You don't necessarily have to take Chem before hand but I would advise it. It really helps when coming to certain processes in the body. For example,there are some processes in the body that occur due to the negative charge or positive charge of certain ions. Learning what ions are is not really what you want to do when you are trying to understand a particular process. As someone who took AP I, APII, and Gen Chem,and Organic/Biochem I would advise you to take a chem course.

    If your school allows you to take AP w/o any chem well then go ahead and plan to take it in the future.
    If you plan on going on to become a NP or CNS some programs require certain courses to have been completed. I plan on applying for to a BSN program in the NYC area for Fall 2009 in the spring. I also plan in becoming a NNP(neonatal NP) or a Pediatric NP who specializes in I know that I need to take those chem courses.

    In my own opinion I would recommend that you take chem. However, if say you are applying for a ASN/ADN program and you wish to go no further do what works for you. However ,I do know that in the NY, NJ, and CT almost all nursing programs-- ADN, ASN, BSN-- require a chem course....some even require 2.

    But good luck on your journey
  7. by   Ginger's Person
    I'm in A&P II, and starting chem next semester. I don't think taking chem later has been a problem at all for me. Whenever we have to understand any chemistry related concept at all (osmosis, polar bonds, etc) the instructor breaks it down into a chemistry for dummies lesson. Some people in my class who've taken college chem find this class quite irritating because of how much the material is simplified.

    This is at a community college, so perhaps they teach differently than they would at a four year institution, but my guess is that if they don't require chemistry they'll teach you what you need to know. And if you're ok at science and took any chem in high school you could probably figure it out. I wouldn't change my life around to take chem first.
  8. by   on eagles wings
    I am going to take AP1 before Chemistry... I was told it was not big deal. I also am doing this for schedule purposes.
  9. by   foolie
    I don't think it really matters either. As far as I'm concerned physiology would be more focused toward organic molecules which you barely learn about in gen chem anyhow. i took gen chem before phys but ended up learning the gchemistry jargon again anyhow in that course.
  10. by   Aurora77
    My school requires chem before physiology. It's also a pre-req for their RN program. Unless you've got a solid reason for not taking classes in the order required, I'd do it.
  11. by   DiamondShortay
    What school do you guys go to? LOL I'm in A&P I now and so far we are covering chemistry, cells, and cellular metabolism (which to me seem like it has a lot to do with nutrition) previously to taking this class I don't know much about these things. In my school it seems beneficial to take chemistry and nutrition before A&P I. For the nursing program at my school chemistry, A&P I and A&P II, and Microbiology are the only classes needed besides English I & English II and psychology. The program didn't seem that bad until I started the A&P I class. I am really considering taking nutrition and a fundamental chemistry class before taking A&P I again (if i fail it). I am so stressed! I really do wonder if it is harder because I go to a University.
  12. by   mariposabella
    Yes! Take the chemistry class it will help you especially with a&p II.