Can you get into nursing school with a D for A&P1?

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    So, my friend asked me if she can get into nursing school with that D. That's her only pre-req left. She applied for Spring 2010. It's her 3rd time taking that course but still came out with that grade. But, she's done well on her other pre-reqs. It's just that one class.

    Do you guys think she has a chance? I don't know what to tell her so I figured I should ask more experienced people.

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    no a c would be the min requirement
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    In my program a C is a minimum requirement and the class can only be taken 2X. Plus your GPA is key to get into the program.
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    No, but your are permitted to retake in many places. Right now I think with nursing schools so hard to get into it would be a good idea to have at least a B.
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    It would be best to speak with an adviser or admissions councilor of the school being applied to as programs vary.
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    It depends on what type of school she's going for.

    If she's trying to get in a BSN program, no--the minimum grade you can have for A&P is a C.

    If she's going for an ADN program, there's a small chance she could be accepted if all her other grades & her gpa are high. She would, of course, have to take A&P I again in the ADN program and pass with a C to be able to get a degree though.
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    Like the other responders, my feeling is that a grade of "C" or better will be her ticket into a nursing program. Any program I've researched has had that particular requirement. It makes sense, too; the basic practice of nursing depends on a solid foundation knowledge of A&P. I would encourage your friend to retake the course.
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    I think it would be best for her to talk to an advisor...and NO you can't get into an ADN program with a D..the GPA requirements are actually usually higher in ADN than BSN because it's more competitive...a B was required for my ADN program. I doubt she would be accepted with that grade...especially in A&P as it's probably the most important pre-req to nursing school. She should also check on how many attempts she can have at each my school you cannot attempt a class more than 2 times. I wish her luck but it's going to be tough.
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    Our program is a minimum of C. However, there are many that apply that have straight A's. So, in most cases with our program you won't even get in with the minimum.
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    I have never known of a school that will accept a D in the class for the nursing program. Even non nursing my school you needed a C or better for the class to count.

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