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Hello! I have a chance to either take the BSN route or the ADN route and I don't know which one to choose! I've heard so many different things. Please weigh in, I need some guidance! :) Thank you! PS - The BSN in through a... Read More

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    21k a semester is insane. Is it a four year program or are you entering as a senior?? If it is four years, you're looking at $168,000 debt. That is $50,000 more than the loan I took out on my home. It's mortgage. You'll be paying that kind of money back for 30 years and may never get to buy your own home because of such a debt. I'm just trying to put the loan size in perspective for you.

    Is the ADN program also a private program or at a community college? It may make more fiscal sense to take that route and then bridge to an online BSN program at a state school where the tution will total somewere between 9 to 15k. You're looking at a total of maybe $25-$30,000 saving $138,000. And sometimes the hospitals you work for will pay for the BSN.

    There is no DOUBT BSN is becoming more and more necessary... but is that kind of debt worth it??

    May I ask what school you're considering for that kind of tuition?

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    Quote from taraer1206
    Thanks everyone! You have all been a HUGE help! I can choose between one or the other, but I think I will meet with the financial aid personnel of the Private school and find out EXACTLY how much aid I will receive and how much I will have to take out in loans each semester. If it is do-able for the future I will probably pick the BSN. If it doesn't look affordable for my future, I will definitely be going ADN and bridging over in the future. Thank you again so much! Happy Friday everyone!
    Good luck to you! Another thing to look at, at least starting out.... is the comparative rate of pay between ADN and BSN. Where I live (Albuquerque, NM), starting pay for BOTH graduate nurses is exactly the same. Yes, BSN is preferred and may eventually be required, but I like the idea of getting the ADN first, then bridging to BSN. I just enrolled in Excelsior College for ADN, and will look into the possibility of BSN later...

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