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Binder or notebooks?

  1. 0 I'm just curious what everyone seems to prefer.
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    I like the fat notebooks that have dividers for different subjects so that I only have to tote one notebook around. Then what I do is go home and type all my notes out, hole punch them and put them in a binder that I keep at home. Not only does typing them out help me remember the information, it keeps it well organized. I have all my A&P notes from lecture and lab in one of the huge binders with the sticky page markers on pages/chapters/lectures of importance for quick reference. I also have them saved on a jump drive that's on my keychain that I bring with me so that if I am at school and want a quick reference to something I can just pop it into a school computer and print them out--or share them with a classmate or something!
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    When I had a bunch of courses with lots of notes, it was one binder per course, dividers for each week.

    Then when I had not so many notes, it was one big binder, with dividers for courses.

    Then this past semester when I had little to no notes at all, it was one half size notebook for EVERYTHING, including personal life. Just seperated everything with date. And let me tell you, it has been awesome. Everything I have written down in the past 4 months is in that book. Phone numbers, addresses, class notes, words to look up, preclinical notes, calender events, etc. I'm definitely going to stay with this system for a while.
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    Quote from Pixiesmom
    I'm just curious what everyone seems to prefer.
    I usually have both...I use a binder for stuff I print off the internet for example the instructor notes. Sometimes I make copies of something in the textbook. This was especially true for the A&P classes. I even had a special separate folder just for the test objectives. Just for that one class it felt I hauled 100 pds of stuff to class. For lab the same thing, I had a separate folder.
    but for my handwritten notes I use notebook.
    It really depends on the class. In my upcoming classes I probably only need a notebook each.
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    Binder, since I get alot of powerpoint notes.
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    Quote from Pixiesmom
    I'm just curious what everyone seems to prefer.

    ok I am a self proclaimed school supply junkie I am already drooling over what I am going to get for next semester LOL.

    It depends on the class as to what I prefer, but for the sciences I am taking next semester I will be using binders large ones. I also get clear plastic page protectors and folders to put labs, quizes and essays I also like to have a large legal pad with the hard card board back. I use this for 2 things if I don't have a proper desk (some classes the lecture rooms are pathetic) I use it to take my notes, 2nd I use it at home at night when making my flash cards I like something hard to write on so I am always carring one of those note books with me. And you can get them with the wholes on the side so they fit easily in your binder.
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    I use one binder per course. 3-hole punch the power-points, handouts, and coursepack (if applicable), and supplement with a sheaf of blank loose-leaf paper in the back to act as your notebook. This means no forgetting any component of your course materials as you fly out the door still grabbing for your coffee and car keys. Sometimes the clinical component will require its OWN binder if your professor is really handout-happy. Then, you can save your binder for posterity and have some semblance of organization for your archives, as well as the possibility of condensing, removing and supplementing certain course materials in the future. I'm really glad I saved all that A & P and Patho material now that my little sister just told me she's starting Pre-nursing in the Spring! Yay!
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    I prefer binders because you can add to them and keep everything together, with little room to loose something important.

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    Oh I forgot to mention, my instructors pass out power point notes so we just add to them. Also I have had a 3 inch binder for each semester and have FILLED them beyond capacity.
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    I definitley prefer binders b/c you can put everything in them in date order (notes, handouts, powerpoints). And, it's handy having a 3-hole punch
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    When I was in school, I used a binder. I had my books debinded at Kinkos, and had holes drilled in them so that I could just add the topics at hand to my binder-which already had my PP notes and handouts in them.
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    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    When I was in school, I used a binder. I had my books debinded at Kinkos, and had holes drilled in them so that I could just add the topics at hand to my binder-which already had my PP notes and handouts in them.
    -I never knew they could do that! That sounds incredible..... now my wheels are turning hehe!
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    Oh yes! I never had to lug a hugh backpack full of nursing textbooks. I had them all debinded. Costs about $5 to start and $3 a book. So I would have a section with the PP notes, handouts, some paper, and the chapters being covered. We had 4 tests a semester, so I had all the chapters, notes and PP for each entire test in one thin binder. That way, anywhere I was, I had everything I needed to study for the next test.

    You will need a big binder the keep the rest of the book in though.