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  1. 0 I'm looking into what programs I will be applying to for next year. I want to do an ASBN but need a program that doesn't require chemistry as a pre req. Any suggestions for good programs?
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    I wish I could help. But google will be your best friend. I know that not every school needs Chem, so they are out there. You have to narrow it down to what state you want to be in too. Good luck.
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    You can check the prereqs that different schools require on their websites or by calling them, they may require slightly different classes. Although out of the 5 programs I am looking at that are in my area, only one does not require chemistry.
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    I know of a few off the top of my head...
    I can't speak to the quality of any of them, I only know they don't have a chem requirement.

    University of Southern Maine
    University of Rochester (NY)
    Johns Hopkins U (Baltimore)
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    Why dont you want to take CHM? It wasnt overly difficult. Im taking nutrition now after CHM and it goes over a lot of the Chm. I took an online course but I didnt find it terribly difficult. (I hated Chemistry in HS) My school allowed CHM1032 which is chemistry for health science. You should look into that instead.
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    It's not that I don't want to take chem, I just can't fit it into my graduation plan. I was thinking of taking it over the summer after I graduate, but that's only if I don't get into any of the programs that I will initially apply for. I was just wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations for programs that don't require chem
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    You need to google second degree BSN and then find the ones close to you and look up the requirements. We have no idea where you live, whether you are willing to relocate or GPA. All nursing programs are highly competitive and most require you to complete the pre-req. prior to applying.
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    Quote from SweetCorn
    I know of a few off the top of my head...
    I can't speak to the quality of any of them, I only know they don't have a chem requirement.

    University of Southern Maine
    University of Rochester (NY)
    Johns Hopkins U (Baltimore)
    UofR doesn't require chemistry, but it does require Micro, and it may be difficult to get IN to a Micro class w/out chemistry... I took a bunch of chem before taking Micro so I don't remember what the prereqs were for that particular class...
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    I would advise you to to take at least on chem course. The nursing admissions game is very fierce one and there are not enough spots for all qualified applicants. Maximize your options. The ABSN program I am starting in the fall only had three prereqs (AP I&II, Micro, one Chem course) but I had taken a whole lot of other classes as an undergrad knowing that I wanted to maximize my options ( such as Ethics, 2 other chem courses, a gen bio course, soc, 2 psych, etc.). Maximize your options. Taking on chem course can dramatically increase your options.
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    Hampton University at the VA Beach campus does not require any prereqs. I had a few friends graduate there and both are currently working as RN's, fresh out of graduation.

    ***I can't remember the length of the program..2 or 3 years?
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    You do need to understand basic chemistry concepts as a nurse; I can honestly say it helps with understanding pharmacology and pathophysiology. I'm in an ABSN program and boy do they not have time to explain things you should have learned in your prereqs.

    Do you really want to be in a program that doesn't care if you have all the background knowledge you NEED to do well in your courses?

    I hope that helps. Good luck!
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    Agree with the person above. Although many people will say you don't need it, it helps. Its a fairly easy course (took gen chhem 1 and 2, easy to me if you study). I will say many of the students in my program who have the A's and high B's took chem or advanced chem. especially pharmacology when you get in depth.