Applying to the RN program requirments

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    To apply to my CC RN program, they want official college and high school transcripts. Is this normal for them to want the high school transcripts and why do they need them?

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    yes that is perfectly normal. Any nursing school you apply to is going to want high school transcripts. Even if you are taking an entrance exam, they want to see how you did in high school, and if you had algebra. Since this is cc, I wouldn't stress out too much if you didn't have a high school class they may be looking for, as cc are good about offering remedial classes to help people get up to speed.
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    Yes. Every college I've been to (nursing or not) wanted to see my hs transcripts.
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    Only some of my schools have wanted to see my high school transcripts. But I am currently taking pre reqs at a community college and applying as a transfer (to start nursing classes) at 4 year universities so some of them don't require high school transcripts b/c I'm a transfer.
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    From my experience, a college will want your HS transcript until you have enough credits to count as a transfer student.
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    So even if I have taken everything I need to take to apply to the program, they may still want me to take something else depending on my hs transcripts?
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    Yes they do, I graduated in 1987, with a D average.

    I took the placement test at the cc in 2010 and they were surprised on how well I did. They asked how that was possible. Lol

    I said did you look at the year I graduated? How long ago that was? They didn't, I was turned down by a few schools, because of my high school transcript. I guess when they say it's going on your permanent record it's true.

    Fast forward I was valedictorian of my LPN class at a tech school. I have a 4.0 at cc, and I start a RN program in January.

    So don't worry if you didn't do so well in high school. Good luck.
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