Anyone waiting on Acceptance/Rejection Letter '2012

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    I am now playing the waiting game. Applied to only 1 school for Spring of 2012, finished my pre-req's with a 3.7 GPA and passed the NLN in the 94 percentile. Now Im waiting to hear whether or not I got in. Advisor said decision would be made middle of this month with letters going out end of this month. These weeks seem to be dragging. I feel confident I got in with my scores but who knows how everyone else did. So there is always that doubt.

    Just looking for some company for those playing the waiting game too.
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    PedsHopeful, I am awaiting to hear if I got into the program I applied for. Yes, these weeks are dragging on and on!! I think I probably got in to mine too, but you are so right, you just never know. Who knows when our acceptance letters will go out....they said 6 weeks....and it's only been 2. Frustrating!
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    LOL, I hear you. Ive never been very good at patience and though its only been 2 weeks, i keep checking the mail. Pitiful. LOL
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    Yes, I call it "mailbox anxiety" lol.
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    What school did you all apply to?
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    I am too! Only applied to one school.. Talked to counselor today and she kind of hinted that I am at the top of the list... getting excited! Will hear within the month
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    Oh and unfortunately, I have my mail sent to my moms house instead of my own so she will be the one racing to the mailbox everyday! haha
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    I applied in Aug, but they don't start reviewing applications for Fall until early November. I've only got a few more weeks :/. I am applying to another school in the area just in case. I'm so nervous
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    Does anyone know if they're more likely to email or mail letters??
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    Can't stand the waiting game!!!!! I'm waiting for an invitation to interview and have terrible "mailbox anxiety". I think I checked email half a dozen times today. What's worse is that I'll get to play Waiting Game: The Sequel after the interviews!

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