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I am now playing the waiting game. Applied to only 1 school for Spring of 2012, finished my pre-req's with a 3.7 GPA and passed the NLN in the 94 percentile. Now Im waiting to hear whether or not I got in. Advisor said decision... Read More

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    Praise God! Got accepted to the BSN program at East stroudsburg university, starting in the Fall! :spin: congratulations to the others!
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    Congrats nfleurant!
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    First, Congrats to all that have received the acceptance letters!!!! I am waiting to here from the school I applied NWCC in Mississippi....I'm praying that I get accepted but want know anything until around the end of month.
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    It looks like my waiting game is over - I've got in!! I am starting BSN program at Douglas College next September. I am so excited!!! Congratulations to everyone who is already in and good luck to those still waiting for acceptance letters! :^)
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    @katrin are you going to rutgers new brunswick douglas college?
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    I'm new to this thread, but I like that you are all supporting each other during the waiting period, so I thought I'd join you! I am patiently (who am I kidding...I have NO patience anymore!) waiting to hear back from Thomas Jefferson University to see if I will be a student there in the Fall. I submitted my application in September 2011, but was still taking prereqs and didn't have enough completed for them to make a decision in September. I met that necessary number of prereqs after the Fall 2011 semester, so I sent my updated transcripts to the school at the beginning of January and am still waiting. The suspense is KILLING ME!!! I've been praying for God to give me more patience, but I remember my mom telling me that if you pray for patience, God will give you opportunities to practice patience, so maybe I've been shooting myself in the foot here, lol. I have no idea when I will get my answer, but I hope and pray that it is soon! Good luck to those of you still waiting and congratulations to everyone who got acceptance letters!
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    Congrats to all with good letters!!!!!!
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    Quote from JerseyGirl6
    @katrin are you going to rutgers new brunswick douglas college?
    Hi! No, it's in BC, Vancouver area
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    Oh ok I just asked cause I'm an alunmi of rutgers university...good luck in ur program :-)
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