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I am now playing the waiting game. Applied to only 1 school for Spring of 2012, finished my pre-req's with a 3.7 GPA and passed the NLN in the 94 percentile. Now Im waiting to hear whether or not I got in. Advisor said decision... Read More

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    My GPA was a 3.6. It would have been a 4.0 but I missed the final in A&PI and got a 0 on it....long story. The good news is my grade was an A before so I barely passed that class with a C. My school admits based on GPA and pre reqs. If one person has ALL the pre reqs done including the optionl ones need for the RN that could be taken along with the LPN nursing classes and the other student has just the min pre reqs done they will take the one who has them all completed. My friend tried to get into the same class as me and only had her minimum pre reqs done and she wasn't accepted. She had the same GPA as me. Sadly she has to wait a year before she can get in. By then she'll have the optional pre reqs done.

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    Congratulations PinkCupcake! June will be here before you know it Once again congratulations!
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    I got an 89.2 on hesi and have a 3.8 from my masters...chances of getting accepted to Motlow? Nervous...
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    My school had an interview and it wasn't too bad. They wanted to know why I was interested in nursing, which is something they will always ask. What do I think I will gain from the program. Why I was applying to the school specifically. Then how I felt about my writing skills, public speaking skills, time management and something else I forget.

    I should hear within the next month. I'm nervous and anxious. I've been looking for rental places in the new city (it is commutable but would be a pain since school is M-F plus if I'm doing it, might as well do it all the way), figuring out our budgets as I quit my job, etc.

    I just got a large raise with my current job and my boss was asking me if I really wanted to leave. The answer hinges on whether I get into school on when I'm leaving. But I'm squirreling my raise away into my savings account.
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    I just wanted to update that I just got my acceptance letter and will be starting nursing school next month I'm so excited!
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    I got accepted into UConn's School of Nursing!

    I know they had more applicants than usual this year, and in a normal year they accept approx 8% of applicants
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    Just took my entrance exam today so my waiting game has only just begun
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    VictoriaFL84 and SwampCat congratulations to both of you, I can only imagine how excited you must be.

    I am sitting here on pins and needles still waiting, I should hear something in the next couple of weeks.
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    I am also waiting to see if I will be getting in the RN Fall program. They said we should get our letter the end of the month so we will see. Hope my scores and GPA are good enough, they only accept 90 students a year so most people do not get in. It's gonna be a longgggggggggggggggg month until I hear something.

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