Any sites or podcasts for very basic chemistry (for A & P)

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    I'm taking A & P I this semester and have no Chemistry background. Chemistry is just one lecture class which we just had yesterday. It's SO foreign to me though, so I'm hoping someone might know of a good site or podcast that explains the very basics that we need for A & P. The professor that gave the lecture went through the material SO quickly, and he had an accent which made it difficult to understand him at times! HELP!!!

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    There are a ton of videos on youtube about different chemistry concepts.
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    Any in particular that you liked? Would rather get recommendations that weed through tons of different ones. Sorry to sound lazy but I'm working two jobs and going to school, so it would be great if someone could recommend one where the instuctor is clear and makes it interesting!
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    i'm not sure about for a&p but i love this guy for chem:

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    we just whipped thru chapter 2 as well. Chemistry. do yu have Mariebs 8th edition?
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    We are using Tortora's 12th edition
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    I love iTunes University at the iTunes store. You can type in any subject and listen to lectures on what you need to know.

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    On youtube I think the guys name is Mark Rosengarten. He is kind of corny but he keeps your attention and explains things well.
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    Are there specific topics that are stumping you?
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    I got a great book from An Introduction to CHEMISTRY for Biology Students; ninth edition. by George I. Sackheim. I had no Chem background either for API and this helped explain things.

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