Any sites or podcasts for very basic chemistry (for A & P) - page 2

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I'm taking A & P I this semester and have no Chemistry background. Chemistry is just one lecture class which we just had yesterday. It's SO foreign to me though, so I'm hoping someone might know of a good site or podcast that... Read More

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    Quote from Anne36
    we just whipped thru chapter 2 as well. Chemistry. do yu have Mariebs 8th edition?
    I have Mariebs 8th edition.We just whipped through chapter 2 as well.I haven't had chemistry in 3 years so of course I forgot all the basics.This book is pretty easy to understand though.(: It's a lot of reading though.
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    Quote from RB2000
    Are there specific topics that are stumping you?
    No, it's just that I never took Chemistry in high school, so it's all foreign to me.