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I graduated from college a couple of years ago and am looking to enter either a BSN program or Yale's program (so I will be taking the GRE) My question is, are there any other accredited programs that don't have pre-req's? ... Read More

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    Also, keep in mind that Gen Chem for nurses is easier than Gen Chem for Science students. Many years ago, I thought I wanted to be a physician and started the pre-med route. I took Gen Chem 1 for science majors and got a C. I changed my mind and graduated with a BA in something else. Two years ago, I went back and started the nursing pre-reqs at a local community college. I took Gen Chem 2 for nurses, and I completed the course with an A+. It was so much easier. You still had to do work, but it wasn't as laborious as the science students' Chem course. In addition, you have many options for the type of pre-reqs, depending on where you want to get your nursing degree. Some schools will allow online classes for the pre-reqs, some may not require laboratories (usually the ones ok with online prereqs), etc.

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    My School did not require Chem. but the bio department required it for AP. Check school to see if you can test out.
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    The bigger question is: why do you feel you can skip pre-reqs, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, etc. and still do well in the program? There's a reason why these courses are required. They are building blocks for your future understanding of your nursing courses. How do you think you're going to pass Pharmacology without having had Chem, A&P and to some extent, Micro? You'd be setting yourself up for a hard time.

    I'm not trying to burst your bubble, but you should really think about why you want to skip pre-reqs. If it's just to be done quicker, then it's not for the right reasons. If it's because you already have the science background, then you should be able to have certain courses waived, since you completed them already. If you're in a situation, like me, where I took my pre-reqs years ago and they're now considered "too old", there's no way around having to re-take them.
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    Quote from Digthis1
    I graduated from college a couple of years ago and am looking to enter either a BSN program or Yale's program (so I will be taking the GRE)

    My question is, are there any other accredited programs that don't have pre-req's?

    Also, and completely unrelated, how does being a male impact admissions (if at all)?
    Wow. I remember looking at Yale's entry-level Masters program and I thought there were pre-reqs...guess not. Well in any case, I'm not sure about programs that have no pre-reqs. But believe me, I understand your feelings. For a while, I let the whole "pre-req" thing discourage me from deciding to go into Nursing as well. At the time my thought process sounded a bit like this:"For goodness sakes, I already have a Bachelors degree. You mean to tell me I have to go back to school before I go BACK to school!" Lol. But of course I knew that these classes were foundational and very necessary to form the basis of my nursing education, so I got over it.

    As for the Chem prereq, I'm going to Johns Hopkins for their ABSN program and they don't require Chem. In fact, Hopkins (surprisingly) doesn't even require you to take A&P 1&2 or Microbio with the lab portion. (although they do recommend the lab portion.) Part of my reason for applying there,was that their prerequisite requirements were pretty light compared to other schools, which would of course allow me to finish them in a resonable amount of time and start the program when I desired. They have 6 pre-reqs total. A&P 1 &2, Microbio, Dev Psych, Nutrition, and Stats.

    As for male status affecting an admissions decision, I highly doubt it does.
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    All degrees require pre reqs. They are valuable classes that are need to fully understand the body. These classes "weed out" the students who don't have the drive, skill, and backbone to become a nursing student. Enjoy the classes and good luck.
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    The University of Virginia does not require Chem or Microbiology.

    We thread microbiology into the first course in pathophysiology that one takes in the first term. This is followed by a second course in patho in the second term; there are 8 credits in pathophysiology in total in the program.
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    The only one I know of is Russell Sage College in Troy, NY, BUT it is a women's college, so that won't help you any. Sorry
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    Just because a school has no prerequisites does not mean that you will get in with no prerequisites since most applicants will

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