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Anatomy Lab-Muscles

  1. 0 I am having a hard time memorizing the muscles. I can use pictures, but when it comes to models and cadavers I completely space. Anyone have good advice on how to remember them and apply them to actual models?
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    Going to the lab and physically handling the models has helped me immensely.
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    I had to memorize them in order. so for the arm I started with the brachioradialis and then went around the the forearm until I came back to it. For the thigh I did the same thing starting with the Gracilis. I had to sing them to myself to remember them.
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    I studied them by following the origin and insertion.
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    You need to spend at least 2 days a week going to the lab and handling the models for about 2 hours. Your school should have open lab hours. My library also had models for us to check out. That is the only way to truly understand muscles. Its just not the same when you're looking at the textbook.
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    At my college they offer coarse videos. I found these tremendously helpful as they provide a video for each section of lab and along with the dissection and slides. I watched the video and rewound a couple times. I then went to my provided powerpoints and made sure i had it all down. I got an A in a&p 1 lab and currently hold an in a&p 2. It worked for me. Good luck to you!
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    I agree with meeep. I find that I take pictures of the models in class so when I go home I have the same visual to study. I even make video recordings with my phone to point to the models to help me remember. Another tip is where have a study area called masteringa&p which sort of helps.
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    You might find this site helpful

    Anatomy Arcade - Games
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    I never even thought to videotape with my phone. That's a great idea!!