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  1. Vmyracle

    Rio Salado, is it really that bad?

    I seriously regretted taking Bio 205 at rio salado! I would take classes online at phoenix college instead. The midterm and final at rio are in person and very difficult compared to what is required in the course.
  2. Vmyracle

    ASU Nursing Summer '15

    Your TEAS score can really make or break your chances of getting in, so if you are worried about your gpa then make sure you really study for the TEAS because it can help you out a lot!
  3. Vmyracle

    Arizona State University - Summer/Fall 2014

    I am also applying for the summer and fall! I got an 85 on the Teas and my application gpa is like a 3.7. I am very nervous! Best of luck to you guys! :) I hope we all get in
  4. Vmyracle

    Bio205 at Rio?

    I had a really generous teacher in that class and she would give you 100% on the essays if you were mostly right and did the application portion, but the class was still killer! The quizzes are easy because they are open book, so you will feel good about the class until the midterm and final. Holy crap those were hard! Seriously, I would never take another rio salado class again after that experience. The midterm and final are very difficult, I studied very hard and barely passed them, and I am mostly an A student. I would try to take it at phoenix college.
  5. Vmyracle

    ASU spring 2014 placement scores

    I am applying to the Traditional program. I just feel a little discouraged, but I know if I have to apply again I will be a stronger applicant with this semesters grades. I know my score is just below last years cut off score. Thank you though :)
  6. Vmyracle

    ASU spring 2014 placement scores

    They were mailed out today! I am pretty sure I did not get in because mine was kind of low. Anyone else get theirs today? how do you feel?
  7. Vmyracle

    Needing Help and Encouragment :(

    I am currently taking what my school calls replacement courses to boost my gpa, I know its hard and stressful but if its what you want there are ways to make yourself a competitive applicant! :) For the teas, buy the practice tests! They were soooooo helpful for me because it was formatted exactly like the test! The science portion is super hard so I would buy the ati teas exam book just for that reason. Science was the only section I didnt score a 90% or higher on. You'll be fine, just review science and it should be cake for you :) best of luck!
  8. Vmyracle

    How to decied what to specialize in?

    When you go through nursing school you will get to experience many different areas you could potentially specialize in. You will probably change your mind a few times :) Good luck
  9. Vmyracle

    asu nursing program

    For people who are in the nursing program at ASU, what are your schedules like? I was told the one posted on ASU as an example was not accurate so I was curious about what schedules are like with clinicals and classes. Also, do you get to pick your class times or are they pre-assigned?
  10. Vmyracle

    FON 241-@ Rio.

    I took a class at rio Salado and the midterm and final were killer! I would memorize quiz and practice quiz questions because they usually repeat them on the midterm and final. Memorize all of the AYL options because they come from those so that is a good way to get points. Also, understand the objectives in depth, not just definitions.
  11. Vmyracle

    Hcr 240 Pathophysiology

    I am very nervous for my patho class next semester as there is so much information to learn in a short amount of time. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do well in this class? I am taking it at ASU this upcoming semester. Any advice would be appreciated :)
  12. Vmyracle

    bio 202 at phoenix college

    I am starting my all online class at phoenix college tomorrow for bio 202 and was wondering if anyone else has taken it? If so, do you have any advice? I am quite nervous for it!
  13. Vmyracle

    ASU applying for spring 2014 nursing program

    Thank you guys! That made me feel better I am taking the teas late July as well. Best of luck to you secretwindow, I hope we both get in :)
  14. Vmyracle

    Any tips on where to take Pathophysiology?

    I would be hesitant to take it at rio salado. Their midterms and finals are KILLER!
  15. Vmyracle

    Anatomy Lab-Muscles

    I am having a hard time memorizing the muscles. I can use pictures, but when it comes to models and cadavers I completely space. Anyone have good advice on how to remember them and apply them to actual models?
  16. Anyone else applying in September for the ASU nursing program for summer 2014? I am super nervous. It looks like my select gpa will be about 3.88 and I haven't taken the teas yet. I am very nervous about my GPA since I got a B in Chem and Micro.