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Am I "late"? 22 yrs old starting prereq Jan - page 4

To start a little about myself: I have regretedly wasted about 3 years at my community college (entered in 2013) completing an AA. I left highschool with no ambition, no identity, poor confidence... Read More

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    I will be most likely 32-34 when I get into nursing school. I wish that I was your age! lol You are not too late. I was a stay at home mom for years and now I am ready to get my education and have a career. Everyone is different and at different stages in their lives. Don't underestimate us old ppl LOL
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    I'm twenty-seven. People in my classes are around 17-22. When I tell them how old I am and how I have two kids they ask me why I'm in college when I'm almost in my 30's. Kids are so immature these days :/
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    I wish I was your age!! Lol!! I am almost 46, graduated LPN 4 years ago, now going back for RN.

    Get it it done before marriage and kids. It's so much harder now.
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    You're definitely not late. I started my prereqs at 25 and will have my ASN when I'm 28 if all goes well.

    Quote from SWalker0914
    I'm twenty-seven. People in my classes are around 17-22. When I tell them how old I am and how I have two kids they ask me why I'm in college when I'm almost in my 30's. Kids are so immature these days :/
    Everyone in my class is shocked to find out I'm 26 with a kid.... they all think I'm 19
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    LOL......................... I am 39 going into my last semester. You are never too late!!! Wishing you all the best!!
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    I am 36, and still working on my prereqs. I have taken a handful of classes that I don't even need because I had a different major when I started college. So, here I am... going on 37 (In May) and depending on if I split up two science classes or not, it will take me over a year until I can apply. You are SO YOUNG. Do not stress about that, you are way ahead of the game..I wish I had this figured out when I was your age.
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    I haven't had any comments about being in college at my age..but other students are ALWAYS shocked when they find out Im 36, and have had 6 oldest is almost 21! They always guess me at being 25. Makes me feel good though!
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    Oh, honey, lol. Nursing wasn't my first career. In fact, I just graduated with my BSN last year, and I'm in my 30s. Trust me, you'll be fine.
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    There is absolutely NO reason to be ashamed.t's better late than never, I am 23 and on the same boat I made some stupid decisions before but It's helped me realized what I want for myself. I go to school part-time, i take 2 classes a semester due to working 2 jobs, there are times like i feel i will never get it done and by the time i do i will be "too old" but i look at my mother in law whom just graduated at 50 years old, and i realize that you're never too old and everything is possible! Kudos to you for going back to school and finishing up what you once began, we have our whole life ahead of us! wish you the best of luck xoxo
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    I used to feel like that. Not anymore! I'll be 25 when I start my pre-reqs. I have a BS in Health Science, so I've taken most of them. I'll hopefully be 26 when I start and 27 when I graduate. Thank God for accelerated BSN programs for bachelor's degree holders. I just want to start working more than caring about my age.
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    Wow! Thank you all for your answers. I didn't think I would have gotten this much.
    God bless you all.
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    I am doing a career change. I started my prereqs last Jan at age 28. You're never really too late. There is no sense in beating yourself up over what you should have done years ago, you can't reverse time. Focus on now and how to get to your nursing goals. I felt the same way upset over it, I have 2 BAs at an expensive UC. I still have school loans but those experiences are helping me today with decision making and etc. I have 3 more classes to go 😊
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    Not late at all! Not even close! I'm 24(almost 25 ), and I'm entering my second semester of nursing school. There are so many people of various different ages throughout my program. I believe the youngest is 19, and the oldest is in her late 40's. So nope nope nope!