Am I alone Natropathic beleifs...

  1. So, I knew coming into nursing that I would be pushed into a world full of medications and doctors orders that I don't necessarily agree with. But I can not be the only guy out there that has a drive to help people by becoming a nurse, that holds naturopathic beliefs?

    I believe that medication has a purpose and a place but prevention also has a place. I also understand that some people literally can not help it. I guess my question is: are there other nurses/pre-nurses out there that hold the belief that medication is overly used and prevention is key? I feel like the medical community has relied to heavily on chemicals.

    So are there any naturopathic types out there?
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  3. by   vintagemother
    Hi! You are not alone. I was vehemently opposed to most "medical" interventions for many of my adult years. I don't fully immunize my kids. I eat vegan / vegetarian and don't believe in the food pyramid. I hold many beliefs that are in contrast with the nursing and medical opinion at large. I hope and believe that people like us can be of help to those we care for.

    I've known at least 2 other students who also hold similar beliefs.
  4. by   chwcbesteph
    You bet. That's one of the biggest reasons I want to go into education and prevention. I think there are a lot of opportunities in complementary and alternative medicine for nurses- you just have to push for it and think outside the box.

    Have you looked into becoming a holistic nurse? There's a forum here under specialties.
  5. by   kplp1111
    I have looked into becoming a holistic nurse but I am confused on the different state legislations in regards to licensed Naturopathic Doctors. And Texas, where I am from, does not have any legislation in place that allows "trained" ND's to work. Anyone can claim to be an ND and get a license from the state, at least that's my understanding. So I would really only be able to find gainful employment in a small number of states.

    And OMG! you don't fully vaccinate! I bet your class mates think your so weird. We (my wife and I) haven't even told our family that we don't plan on vaccinating our children fully.
  6. by   Stephalump
    There are a few people in my class who don't agree with a lot of the medical intervention we learn/do.

    They do just fine, as long as they don't annoy everyone around them (and only one out of the bunch ever does.) Meaning...lectures are for us to learn what they want us to know. It's not a platform for everyone and their mother's opinions on vaccinations and bottle-feeding and chemo. if you know what I mean. It's a time-suck, and frankly I don't care.

    But I digress. The point is, I doubt you'll be alone! The main thing I'd consider is your happiness doing things you disagree with, because you will have to do them. We all do, regardless of where we stand on issues
  7. by   studentbear
    This is exactly the post I needed! You are definitely not alone, but we seem to be few and far between. I too hold strong beliefs in complementary alternative medicine- I was considering going the Naturopathic Physician route prior to deciding upon nursing.

    I am totally unvaccinated and have found it difficult to grapple with the idea of needing to vaccinate in order to attend nursing school. Also, I hear many hospitals require their employees to get annual flu vaccines, which is one of the ones I am most opposed to :/

    I plan to get titers for everything possible, then vaccinate depending on what I am not immune to. How are the rest of you dealing with the vaccine requirement?
  8. by   kplp1111
    Well being a vet I have all of my vaccines whether I wanted them or not. I will be getting the Flu vaccine so I don't make anyone mad but after school I will wave the vaccine. My school seems to eat male nurses so I don't plan on being outspoken about my beliefs so until I am done with school I will be quite and get the vaccines.....
  9. by   Trenata
    I have been holistic minded for many years and was repelled by the idea of becoming a nurse for a long time. I always use vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, food and the book Smart Medicine for Healthier Living to deal with illness alternatively. My child is not vaccinated. I really didn't want to get so many vaccines to go to nursing school either. I have read here on all nurses that as a nurse you really do focus on the patient holistically despite the medical interventions.

    As for vaccines, you can get titers to prove immunity if you had vaccines as a child or any previously vaccine "preventable" diseases such as chickenpox. That is my plan and I also will get the flu mist vs. the flu vaccine to at least avoid the thimerisol. I hope at some point, I get to write a paper about vaccines.

    Finally, my long term goal is to become a nurse practitioner who practices alternative care - midwives do this - but I will be 40 before I even become a nurse, so we shall see if I make it that far. I have a strong background in nutrition, so I hope this will make my practice that much stronger.

    Don't be afraid to show who you are, because eventually, people can and will be influenced by your beliefs!
  10. by   vintagemother
    Quote from kplp1111
    And OMG! you don't fully vaccinate! I bet your class mates think your so weird..
    Actually, I've been accused of being a danger to the health of all US citizens because I don't immunize!
  11. by   i♥words
    You're not alone. I am actually for immunizations, but I won't go off topic with that. "To each his own."

    I think society is over-medicated, though I understand that there is a place for medication. (If I have a major surgery, I want pain medication.) My biggest "issues" are with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications, though, again, I understand they have their places.

    My nursing program promotes the holistic approach to nursing, so that's good.
  12. by   pmabraham
    Good day, kplp1111:

    You are not alone. My wife and I have both been following natropathic and holistic health methods for some time now.

    I'm not sure how I'll be able to blend my belief in these methods with nursing at this point in time; but the more I see real and measurable damage caused by chemicals in medicine, it will probably become more of a struggle as to how to share my beliefs and understandings with those around me in a way which is win win.

    Thank you.
  13. by   stephanie30
    I am very much so. I know that I will have to learn and deal with things that I do not agree with, but my perspective is that I know my family and I know what is best for us, so other people have to make that determination for themselves. I believe education is very important so that in non-emergency situations a person is capable of making the best decision for them and not being pressured by medical staff or family members. We selective and delay vax. Our state has medical and religious wavers for vaccinations for secondary and post-secondary schools. I am not necessarily against medical staff having vacinations though, I believe there is a time and place for them. I have given birth at home as well as at the hospital. We made the decisions where to seek care upon the pregnancy and what we felt best. I am against routine interventions anytime, but especially during pregnancy and birth.
  14. by   studentbear
    Quote from TWiersch
    As for vaccines, you can get titers to prove immunity if you had vaccines as a child or any previously vaccine "preventable" diseases such as chickenpox. That is my plan and I also will get the flu mist vs. the flu vaccine to at least avoid the thimerisol.
    Is the flu mist dead or alive? I may go that route as well.