Advice from those that have had Chemistry already

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    I'm signing up for classes and know no one that is going for nursing. So, what do you recommend? Chemistry on Tuesday and Thursdays or just Thursday? I already have A&P on Mon., Wed., and Fri.

    Thanks for any advice you have to offer!
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    It is hard to say without knowing more about you and your daily life but here is what I did...

    I chose shorter, more frequent lectures. I don't do well sitting for long stretches of time and I lose interest after a hour or so. Information overload is no bueno. Also, I used the times between my classes and labs to study. I am already on campus. Might as well be productive.

    Commute was not an issue for me but if it is for you, pick a class schedule that will minimize driving to and from school. It will save you money, time and stress.
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    it depends on what else you have going on in life, and what your learning style is. i personally like having the choice of having 1 class a week. that way i designate that time for class and the night i don't have class, i can study, catch up on homework, or have a "lazy" night where i don't have to worry about going to class. i did well in chemistry but it was probably the least favorite class that i have had to take. good luck!
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    Wow! Chemistry and A&P. I have taken Chemistry and Lab and I am currently taking A&P with lab. If you think you can balance two labs with two other classes by all means go for it. I agree with the earlier post if you have a family it may be difficult. If you have been in school for sometime maybe your organization and learning style is sharp!! I hadn't been to school in years so it took some getting use to. All in all if you can manage your schedule and time you can do it. I would invest in a calendar to keep all classes organized. Good luck in your classes keep us posted.
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    Thanks everyone for your opinions. Actually, my Chemistry class doesn't require a lab. It's Essential of General/Organic Chemistry. I don't have any kids, not married, and will be going straight out of high school so my main priority is school. My plan is MWF A&P Lecture, Tuesday A&P Lab, and Chemistry either Tuesday and Thursday or just Thursday.
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    If you can handle it, just do it once a week. If not, twice a week. I like doing classes both ways.
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    I am currently taking A&P 1, Sociology, and Intro to chemistry (not general chem). On tuesdays and thrusdays I have A&P and and Sociology. And Wednesdays i take Chemistry lab and lecture same day. It is a really long day but things are working out well for me.
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    I did A&P I and Chem in the same semester along with Psy 150. Straight A's that semester! It's definitely doable. And another good thing about taking once-a-week classes is that is saves gas which would be a good thing since gas is getting to be almost $4.00 a gallon, depending on what part of the country you live in.
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    If it is just Chem with no lab, I would choose the one day class.
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    I like to spread out my classes because I have a hard time sitting still for one class meeting a week. But it's your preference. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.