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Advice from those that have had Chemistry already

  1. 0 I'm signing up for classes and know no one that is going for nursing. So, what do you recommend? Chemistry on Tuesday and Thursdays or just Thursday? I already have A&P on Mon., Wed., and Fri.

    Thanks for any advice you have to offer!
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    It is hard to say without knowing more about you and your daily life but here is what I did...

    I chose shorter, more frequent lectures. I don't do well sitting for long stretches of time and I lose interest after a hour or so. Information overload is no bueno. Also, I used the times between my classes and labs to study. I am already on campus. Might as well be productive.

    Commute was not an issue for me but if it is for you, pick a class schedule that will minimize driving to and from school. It will save you money, time and stress.
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    it depends on what else you have going on in life, and what your learning style is. i personally like having the choice of having 1 class a week. that way i designate that time for class and the night i don't have class, i can study, catch up on homework, or have a "lazy" night where i don't have to worry about going to class. i did well in chemistry but it was probably the least favorite class that i have had to take. good luck!
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    Wow! Chemistry and A&P. I have taken Chemistry and Lab and I am currently taking A&P with lab. If you think you can balance two labs with two other classes by all means go for it. I agree with the earlier post if you have a family it may be difficult. If you have been in school for sometime maybe your organization and learning style is sharp!! I hadn't been to school in years so it took some getting use to. All in all if you can manage your schedule and time you can do it. I would invest in a calendar to keep all classes organized. Good luck in your classes keep us posted.
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    Thanks everyone for your opinions. Actually, my Chemistry class doesn't require a lab. It's Essential of General/Organic Chemistry. I don't have any kids, not married, and will be going straight out of high school so my main priority is school. My plan is MWF A&P Lecture, Tuesday A&P Lab, and Chemistry either Tuesday and Thursday or just Thursday.
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    If you can handle it, just do it once a week. If not, twice a week. I like doing classes both ways.
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    I am currently taking A&P 1, Sociology, and Intro to chemistry (not general chem). On tuesdays and thrusdays I have A&P and and Sociology. And Wednesdays i take Chemistry lab and lecture same day. It is a really long day but things are working out well for me.
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    I did A&P I and Chem in the same semester along with Psy 150. Straight A's that semester! It's definitely doable. And another good thing about taking once-a-week classes is that is saves gas which would be a good thing since gas is getting to be almost $4.00 a gallon, depending on what part of the country you live in.
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    If it is just Chem with no lab, I would choose the one day class.
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    I like to spread out my classes because I have a hard time sitting still for one class meeting a week. But it's your preference. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
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    The weird thing is that the one that's once a week is only 15 or 30 mins. more. So I think I'm going to go with the once a week
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    Quote from havehope
    The weird thing is that the one that's once a week is only 15 or 30 mins. more. So I think I'm going to go with the once a week
    How nice! If my classes are once a week, they typically go on forever lol. Good luck! My class didn't have a lab either. We had a weekly "recitation" class, which was mandatory. I had to sit there and listen to people ask what electrons were 6 weeks into the course!
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    i will start taking my first science this summer ap 1+lab, then after that, micro+lab, ap 2+Lab, and college alg. I would say to do what fits your schedule the best but do whatcha gotta do at the same time. see how much time either choice leaves you to study between class+labs...I think you will rock it! Just make sure you make time for you because the second nursing school starts, its adios to all that for a while...Good Luck and God Bless!