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I really cannot stop going back and forth... Should I do the faster and much less appreciated ADN program, or should I go for the longer, and much more "honored" BSN program? At first I was sure that I was going for the... Read More

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    The positions I have looked into want you to HAVE your BSN or be working towards it. I am looking to get into an ED position after completion of my ADN while I'm finishing my BSN online. I know different fields and different hospitals prefer different things but through my mind, this way is most effective. Hope this helps!

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    I know in my community the ASN's that come out have as much or MORE respect as the BSN's down the street. My program highly emphasizes clinical skills and hands on time. The students in the BSN program observe everything but do not actually touch patients. While the main hospital in my town wants BSN's, they absolutely are hiring the ASN's because they're ready and paying for them to become BSN's. Definitely find out what's going on in your area and go from there.

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