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  1. 0 Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and am applying to accelerated nursing programs for the fall 2014 semester. For people who are applying or who already completed a program, how many schools did you apply to? I have no idea about acceptance rates, and I am looking at schools in the NY and NJ area. Thank you so much!
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    I've shortened my list of schools from 10 down to 7, although I don't think the numbers would hurt. All programs are in state (Massachusetts).
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    I applied to 3 and was accepted by all 3. Apply to as many as you want
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    I've only applied to one, because I need to stay in this area and have a family. It was $120 total to apply, so I wouldn't apply anywhere unless you have a good chance.

    The acceptance rates I've seen are usually 5-10% of applicants. But you only have to consider YOUR possiblity of getting in. A lot of student apply who aren't realistic about their chances.

    Call the schools you're interested in and ask about the GPAs and scores of students actually accepted and ask if you can do anything else to improve your application. Then choose the programs where you have the best chance.
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    I put all my eggs in one basket and applied to only one and got accepted (ABSN Program in NJ). It is always better to have a backup nonetheless.
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    I applied and accepted to only one. It didn't cost to apply and guaranteed admission to the university (not ABSN program) because I got my first BS from the same university (alumni benefit).
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    Thanks so much everyone