A&P with Chemistry

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    Is it doable to take A&P and chemistry together?

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    What else do you have going on....work, family commitments, etc.

    For example, I work part-time (15-20hrs per week) and have 4 boys (10, 8, 5, 3). I could not have handled both. I could have added in psych or nutrition with one or the other. A&P had a ton of info to learn and I knew that I did not have the time to focus on two science courses in one semester. So it really depends on you and what else you have going on.
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    I agree with the PP, it just depends on your situation. I also recommend never taking them together during a summer semester... I did and it was the worst. My A & P grade suffered because of it and now I am retaking that class.
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    If they're going to be the only 2 classes you're taking and you have a lot time on your hands then I'd say go for it. But there is SO much studying for both of them, so if you're a busy person, I'd only take one of them. It is doable, but you need to be very focused!
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    It depends on how much time you'll have. Both classes require a lot of work, and certainly aren't a class you can blow off and still do well in. Also, you really can't let yourself fall behind in either of them. Make sure you manage your time well and stay on top of everything. Good luck w/whatever you choose.
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    Hum, if you are living at home, not working, and or no kids... This could work out, yet it really depends on your study skills, time, and outside demands in your life. Everyone is so different... There are students that pull this off, and do very well... Me, I am a bit slow! This is a good question to be asking yourself before the start of class. If you decide to take only one class, Chem would be great to get it out of the way... Then, move onto A&P?
    Either way, keep us posted and let's know what you are going to do. It will work out! Blessings~
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    Thankfully, chem is a prereq for A&P in my school, so I couldn't have done it if I wanted to. I'm doing chem right now and it doesn't come easy for me, so all I can say is I would have never survived both... chem, psych and english + full time job + family is enough for me.
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    Chemistry is as simple as tying your shoes. Yes, you will be fine. I would rethink nursing school if you can't do A&P and Chem at the same time.
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    Quote from OwlieO.O
    Chemistry is as simple as tying your shoes. Yes, you will be fine. I would rethink nursing school if you can't do A&P and Chem at the same time.
    Excuse me!! that is very arrogant of you to make such a remark like that. If you don't have any tips to provide get off of the DAMN post. Start being more mindful of the comments you post on this forum in the future PLEASE!!
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