A&P lecture part online? Good idea, bad idea?

  1. Looking for been there done that, it was good/bad. I would do the lecture online and the lab, at school in the lab.
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  3. by   Trenata
    I love online and do all my studies that way including A&P. Fortunately, I get my profs lecture material too. I love it because I can be home with my child if he is home from school sick as he has been the last 2 days and not worry about missing class.

    I learn well on my own, and I have a good routine and schedule.

    I don't have to commute and waste an hour or more in traffic.

    I can't stand sitting for hours on end and love being able to get up and move around whenever I want to! I walk on the threadmill and read too or sit in my backyard and study.

    I am doing lab online too! It is all doable!
  4. by   pnkgirl25
    I would be ALL OVER THIS! I love online classes!
  5. by   meeep
    If you are not strong in science, you might benefit more from an in person class where a teacher goes over the concepts. With online science, you are pretty much teaching yourself. If you can handle that, then go for it. Personally, I take my sciences in person. I benefit greatly from the in person lectures, but everyone is different. Anything is possible as long as you put in the time and effort required.
  6. by   runsalot
    Online. The benefit of a on campus class is that it is easier. They teach you. Where as online you have to be motivated to do the learning on your own.
  7. by   MommaTy
    I personally couldn't learn physiology online by myself. I truly needed my professor to help me with it. So glad I didn't take it online. Lab is so much easier for me then lecture. English, Psych, Soc, nutrition are good classes to take online I truly feel doing online courses the professors don't really get to know you like they do in a class setting. Good luck. I wouldn't do anything A&P online, its intense!