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I did not see another thread, so I thought I would start one for fellow students to chat and get support. Anyone else taking A&P I this spring?... Read More

  1. by   queserasera
    Yep! A&P I, Finite Math, CPR certification/first aid, Developmental Psy, and Creative Writing! Glad there is an A&P thread now!!
  2. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from janellybelly
    For whatever reason, advisement told me to refrain from piling classes with any of the sciences, especially a&p. I'm curious to know if anyone else has attempted to take a lot of classes with this course?
    advisement is correct. When I took these clases I would combine them with 1 or 2 easy humanity classes. A couple of times I had to drop classes cause I was overworked. The major science classes you need A's in are A&P1 and 2, microbiology and chemistry are very time consuming classes, avoid taking these together and , if possible, with only no more than 1 other class. Easy classes to take these with these would be any humanities, growth and Development, sociology, or nutrition. If you got the time, General Biology is not a prerequsite for most RN programs however, it is a good course to take prior to taking microbiology and A&P
  3. by   Mikkie13
    A&P was the hardest courses for me and it is always best to partner this class with an easy one if you have to take a a another class. How are the online classes for Darton? I am thinking about transferring and taking only online classes. I would like to apply to the Summer 2013 Thomasville class but not sure when they start classes?
  4. by   2015RN2b
    I took A&P 1 (both lecture and lab) along with Nutrition in the same semester, but I also worked full time. I found it very challenging but mostly because our A&P teacher was a lazy MSN who just sat down and read off of powerpoint slides. Kept us in the class the entire time...never ending early...even if it meant playing things like bogus Bingo games on things we didn't even review in class. It was ridiculous and that made it much more stressful. At the end we got lucky because she allowed open book for our final but it was a lot of content to cover so if you didn't know the chapter or where to find the stuff, you were stuck with not being able to finish on time. I took Nutrition with A&P 1 thinking it would be an easy balance but Nutrition also turned out to be a pretty difficult class. I ended up with an A in each of the 3 but I busted my rump the entire 14 weeks. It can be done..just stay focused and take good notes. GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   Amcanarn
    I took four other classes with A&P1. If you read the textbook and follow your professor's objectives, it's not so bad. Only 6 people out of my class of 160 made an A. However, I finished easily with a 95 average because I REPEATEDLY read the chapters.
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  6. by   MeekaNichole
    I'm taking A&P1 with lab, along with English Composition, SOCY 101, & Stats via MyMathLab!! So nervous for Stats & A&P1 together. But Has to be done

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  7. by   MeekaNichole
    Quote from georgiapeachgal
    I took four other classes with A&P1. If you read the textbook and follow your professor's objectives, it's not so bad. Only 6 people out of my class of 160 made an A. However, I finished easily with a 95 average because I REPEATEDLY read the chapters.
    Wow, that's great. I'm looking forward to taking it now and using your advice. Hopefully we ALL successfully pass it

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  8. by   Amcanarn
    Good luck! Make LOTS of note cards and study sheets. Getting a good grade in A&P1 is totally doable!
    Also -- don't let the chapters on the nervous system discourage you. I made my highest score on that exam, but only because I was so paranoid! The insertions and actions for the muscles in lab are also tough. I would study ahead for that.
  9. by   llovefutureRN
    Going to try to crash it! Wish you all luck! I've started to read A&P for dummies and it seems to be helping !
  10. by   sweetie_pie
    I'm taking A&P I as well. I was going to take micro too but decided against it because I just got hired full-time as a CNA and have another part-time job as well
  11. by   ADN2B
    Took anatomy and micro in one semester, it was a breeze compared to any semester in the nursing program.
  12. by   psych.rn2b
    I'm taking A&P I in the Spring as well. I have already been studying flash cards and reviewing the text. I'm debating whether or not to take another course with it. I'm going back to school after many years. Also, have teens and a 2 year old at home. I'm looking forward to it but know that I will have to work very hard to get an A.
    I'm a very good student, especially in my area which is psychology/counseling. Made a 3.94 in my Masters program. However, the sheer volume of information in A&P can make it difficult. If you are good at memorization, then you are a step ahead.
    Back in the day (1994) I took A&P and made a D. The Prof was HORRIBLE. The majority of the class failed. He wouldn't even help us in lab when we had a question. Like me "excuse me, I'm having trouble finding X membrane on the cat" Prof "keep looking"

    Good luck to everyone. Let's share our tips and tricks for memorizing all of this bulk. I would recommend the Kaplan flash cards, they are only $15 on Amazon and are high quality.
  13. by   CareQueen
    Here also! I'm taking A&P I (traditional) this semester (Spring 2013) along with Stats (online). I'm also already looking over things and familiarizing myself with some of the early material. Since I previously enrolled in this class this past Fall, but dropped it after just one week because of a prerequisite mix-up, I already have all of the powerpoints and class lecture notes for the entire course (Yay!). I'm sure that this will be a tough semester since I work full-time during the day, but I had no choice other than to pair the classes together in order to be ready for my ABSN program which starts in August! I am terrified of Stats, but I'm sure everything will work out fine. Best of luck everyone!