A&P 5 week course- advice

  1. I will be retaking A&P I this semester (Spring 2013), and over the summer i'll be taking A&P 2. A&P 2 will only be a five week course. Do you have any suggestions on doing well in it? I have a five week gap between the end of A&P 1 and the beginning of A&P 2. So, what did you find the hardest and what should I get started on right after A&P I?

    Thanks for any suggestions and advice! :-)
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  3. by   queserasera
    While I don't have experience in this, my buddy took A&PI over the summer in a 5 week course and then A&PII in the trad course. He said he wishes he would have done both in the 5 weeks courses because it gave him less time to stress about everything. He's a flashcard whiz so if he sees anything a few times he memorizes it. He got A's in both sections. It all depends on you and how you study and process info though. Good luck!
  4. by   calinursestudent818
    I havent done an accelerated course yet but I have a friend who just applied to BSN school who did. She brought e-z anatomy & physiology & started learning the terminology & basic principles a couple months before she started the class. She ended up with an A in both A & P 1&2. Just drill the principles into your head & get a jump start on the material because the accelerated classes move fast, theres no time to get lost or fall behind.

    I will be starting my prereqs in a cpl of months but I already brought my E-Z Anatomy & Physiology book & have already been reading it here & there. I will do the same for microbiology & biochem
  5. by   EMT89
    I took A&P 1 and 2 by it self during the 5 week summer sessions. It was a lot of work, but managable. I did not have anything else going on except for volunteer EMS. I made a 94 in A&P1 and 95 in A&P2.
  6. by   Nursing2102
    Hmm I took A&PI over the summer and it too was 5 weeks.

    As for taking A&PII over the summer, I know A&PII was a little harder than A&PI was for me. I would definitely get familiar with the topics before you take the class. You should go to Barnes & Noble or something and look for study guides for A&PII to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts. It's basically all the systems in the body: Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Reproductive, Urinary, Lymphatic...etc. Just get the gist of it before starting the class, so once you actually start the class you will know the basics already and only have to learn the details.

    Good luck, you'll do fine!
  7. by   zoe92
    Make sure you get a great teacher! This doesn't mean an easy teacher, but one that can portray the information well. It makes a world of difference.
  8. by   umbdude
    Set aside enough time you think you will need to do well in the class. If you put in the time you'll be fine. Start reading the first chapter a week before class starts to stay ahead.

    The hardest for me was when we covered 2-3 chapters in one week, and the chapters were really *long*. Reading a couple hundred pages of A&P material in a week wasn't fun.
  9. by   athibs
    I did A&P I and II over a five week course. I agree II was more difficult because it was more understanding the systems in the body and I unfortunately had a different teacher that wasn't as involved as the first. I found that I immediately studied the material I learned in class and made flash cards. I had to cut back on work to two days, if you dont have to work I wouldn't. I also stayed after and labeled the models in lab with tape so I had the spelling down. Good Luck