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I just recently took my very first A&P test! It covered 3 chapters. I received an 88 on the test! How should I feel about this? How have you all done on A&P tests?... Read More

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    I took my first A&P exam Monday I got a 92%

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    88 is awesome. Its not too far from that 90! I remember when i got a grade in the low 80's i would feel rly scared because now i would have to work extra hard to get closer to the 90's. A&P was not hard at all for me, it was mostly memorization.
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    Futurenurse19 congrats and I love your Avatar!!!
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    Jazon77 way to go as much as I wanted an A out of A&P 1 I took the B and kept it moving!! You're right it is a lot of memorization.
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