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  1. When to begin applying

    Thank you! I will do that!!!
  2. When to begin applying

    I am a senior nursing student set to graduate May 2016. I participated in an internship this summer on a psych unit and know this is where I want to work post graduation and licensing. My question is, they currently have job openings on this unit lis...
  3. Psych Internship

    Hi all! I am currently a junior BSN nursing student on track to graduate may 2016. I recently accepted an internship position at the hospital affiliated with my school. I will be working alongside an RN, 3 12s per week. Any advice for working with th...
  4. Kaplan entrance test

    I go to a private college in VA. That's interesting, not sure if my school does it that way! They simply told us the test was to "see if we are ready" for the "real" nursing courses, which I begin next semester!
  5. Kaplan entrance test

    So I took the Kaplan entrance test yesterday and received an 86% overall total score with a 100% on the critical thinking aspect! Science was my weakest point, 75%, math 86%, reading 95%, and writing 85%. How do these scores compare to those of the m...
  6. A&P 2

    I'm beginning A&P 2 tomorrow! I made an 88 (solid B) in part 1. How does part 2 compare to part 1? Harder, easier?? Any advice?
  7. A&P

    So I've gotten through all of my A&P I lecture and lab exams other than the finals! My average in both classes is an 85...a solid B! However; I find myself bothered by this because I have always been a straight A student, in fact I graduated vale...
  8. 88 on first A&P exam

    Wow, I wish my school did that!
  9. 88 on first A&P exam

    Wow that's awesome! I wish my school did that!
  10. 88 on first A&P exam

    Thanks for all the positive thoughts! I've always been an A student, so I was a little disappointed at first! However, I found out today that I did WAY better than the class average so I'm 100% happy with this grade and will strive to get an A on the...
  11. 88 on first A&P exam

    I just recently took my very first A&P test! It covered 3 chapters. I received an 88 on the test! How should I feel about this? How have you all done on A&P tests?
  12. What prereq classes are you taking this fall? How many to go?

    A&P 1 with lab, intro and developmental psych, academic seminar, library research, and bioethics! Many more to go as this is my first semester in college! :)
  13. What prereq classes are you taking this fall? How many to go?

    A&P I, intro & developmental psych, bioethics, academic seminar, & library research! Just starting out as a freshman! :)
  14. Should i get my CNA?

    Hi! I am at a four year college starting out as a freshman in the BSN program! I have been toying with the idea of getting my CNA license, most likely in the summer of 2013! Any advice/tips? Should I do it? Share your good/bad experiences as a CNA! T...
  15. Any advice for a Pre nursing student :)

    Wow, thanks for all the great words of wisdom, guys! I'm feeling more confident and excited about this journey all ready! I know it will be tough, but I can honestly say I'm willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my B.S.N :)