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  1. by   wannabepmhnp
    Anyone interviewing during the round 2 interviews (post Nov 1 app completion/receipt), when did your interviewers say decisions would be sent out? Or are decisions to be made on rolling basis?
  2. by   thaifood122
    I interviewed today for round 2 PMHNP. The interviewers told me not to expect to hear back for a few months :-/
  3. by   wannabepmhnp
    Oh no. Looks like I'll have to give up on Vanderbilt and accept another program.
  4. by   wannabepmhnp
    What is the deadline to accept/decline admissions offer to prespecialty MSN programs?
  5. by   arockenhaus1
    I got my decision on 2-14 and the letter said that I had to accept the offer and pay the deposit by 3-14. So I a month to have my decision in.