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I am planning to apply to the DNP program at University of Washington for Fall 2017. Now, I'm trying start my application. Do you guys have any tips? Thank you!... Read More

  1. by   ash_28
    Accepted to PMHNP! Would be moving from out of state...Anyone else?
  2. by   camping_RN
    Me too! I've never moved across states and the logistics are making me dizzy!
  3. by   svensson
    If I were to create a Facebook group for our cohort would any of you guys be interested in joining? eeeeek
  4. by   camping_RN
  5. by   ash_28
  6. by   svensson
    Ok! I made a group! So far it's just my husband in it (lol) because FB requires you to add at least one friend before creating the group. Let's get some more people in there so I can kick him the heck out Search for "University of Washington DNP- Fall 2017 Cohort" and I'll add you
  7. by   dan0209
    Hi everyone! Congratulations to those of you who have been accepted into UW's DNP Program So it may be a bit early for me to be thinking about grad school but I am just wrapping up my first quarter at Denver School of Nursing in the BSN program. I am originally from Washington and really want to come home for grad school! Can you guys give me some tips and stats I guess (GPA, clinical hours and experience, etc.) for what made you a competitive applicant that stood out? I know that I have a while to think about grad school but I want to get a head start on how to stick out and make UW want me in 2 years! Thanks <3
  8. by   svensson
    3.9 GPA from an accelerated nursing program, inpatient RN for 3 years on various different hospital units (mostly on psych floors, primarily adult psych, behavioral ED, and chemical detox). Not sure what made me stand out and it's hard to tell since UW doesn't interview its candidates. I was always of the mindset that ~2 years of nursing experience is a soft requirement of most NP schools but in this whole application process at various schools I'm learning that many people can go straight into NP school without ever practicing as an RN.
  9. by   mitra.taylor
    Hello! I am a current BSN student and will graduate in a year. I am beginning to research DNP programs and have not yet attended an informational session as I am going to school in California. Do any of you mind sharing your information for your application, such as your gpa of the last 90 credits? Thank you so much!
  10. by   mitra.taylor
    Thank you svensson for sharing and congratulations!