Totally online FNP program: no campus orientation

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    I know that Indiana State is completely online, but I am having trouble finding other programs that are completely online with no campus orientations or visit. I have looked into South Alabama and they require campus orientation. Are there any other schools out there without this requirement?

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    I will be starting at the University of South AL in May (FNP summer curriculum). When I emailed with staff there, I was told that the orientation is at the beginning/early part of the 1st clinical semester. For me that should be the 4th of 8 semesters.

    They told me that instructors can require you to visit each semester (in addition to clinical orientation) but they have not needed to implement that as of yet. I assume that it would be based on class/inidivual performance???

    I actually like the idea of having to go at least once. I've never been to the Gulf Coast and I think it would be nice to put faces to the people I will interact with over 2 1/2 years of school.
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    Have you looked into the University of Southern Indiana? I think their program is completely online.

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    So far I have found:

    Clarion University of Pennsylvania
    East Carolina University
    Allen College (although it's hard to figure out exactly if all courses are online because they aren't clear on this)
    Clarkson College
    Graceland University (this was one of my top 3 choices)
    Montana State University
    Northern Kentucky University
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    University of Missouri
    Wright State University
    Duquesne University (another one of my top 3 choices, but they require you to visit once a year before Thanksgiving - great school, however)
    Vanderbilt University
    University of Phoenix
    University of Delaware (hard to say if FNP can be done completely online)
    University of Southern Indiana (a friend of mine is finishing up her program there and did it all online)

    I'm currently a student at Indiana State University. If you want to hear about it I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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    I am interested in totally online as well but how do you the clinicals portion for these schools do you have to set up your own prceptorship?
    Thanks for any answer!
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    Quote from nursing 101
    I am interested in totally online as well but how do you the clinicals portion for these schools do you have to set up your own prceptorship?
    Thanks for any answer!
    Indiana State University requires you to find your own preceptors. This was difficult at first, but I finally realized that the key to securing one was to start early and stay on top of your search. I'm already looking for preceptors for the Summer and Fall sessions. Remember that with larger facilities you might need to set up a contractual agreement between the school and preceptor. That can take up to 3 months! You'll need to prepare all this well in advance.

    It's possible that other schools operate differently, so be sure to stay in close contact with your advisor to know what your specific school mandates.
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    Classes for Ball State University are completely online.
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    You may have to invest some time reading through the websites, but this is an excellent resource for online degrees:

    US News & World Report
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    I understand not having time to attend classes but how do you become a NP w/o having done your time working with a doctor or another NP?
    Sounds incomplete to me. Reminds me of Vanderbilt University. If you have a bachelors in any subject, architecture, interior decorating, indian chief, can attend Vanderbilt for 2 years and become a NP. How scary is that!?
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    First offf, I am not a graduate of an on-line NP program. In defense of these programs that are either completely on-line or partially on-line, one has to realize that only the didactic component of the training is web-based. The clinical component is still very much face to face and hands-on. In fact, a graduate NP will not be able to sit for any certification examination without having completed the minimum clinical practice hours required. Yellowfinch actually brought up an important issue. Some on-line programs for NP training does not ensure that clinical placements are arranged for the students. In those places, you have to arrange clinical rotations on your own.

    Regarding the Vanderbilt program you alluded to, I am not sure specifically which one you are referring to. Maybe a link would help. However, I am pretty sure that there is a BSN completion component prior to commencing the NP preparation courses. Direct entry NP programs are thoroughly discussed in the NP forum.
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