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Hi everyone, How many of you have applied for the 2013 Accelerated BSN/MSN program at JHU SON? I applied early decision and completed my phone interview on the 26th. They said they will start... Read More

  1. by   cnp2012
    Also just a general FYI if you happen to not get into your MSN portion the first time around it is not the end of the world. A few of my classmates were accepted for BSN but not for MSN and just applied while they were in the BSN portion for their MSN and got in. So it isn't the end of the line if you don't get into your MSN portion first time around.
  2. by   AlmondB10
    CNP2012, thanks for sharing. It's reassuring.

    I called the other day and explained my situation. They're going to review my application for admission into the MSN program. I wrote an additional essay and scheduled an interview for tomorrow morning. I'm nervous!
  3. by   AlmondB10
    Update - I was just accepted into the MSN NP program for Family Primary Care! I'm so grateful and excited!!
  4. by   rgracevn
    Hey cnp2012, I was wondering if you can change specialties for the MSN portion at JH? If so what is the process, and is it very difficult to do this? I am realizing that a lot of peds jobs accept FNP's as well as PNP's, so it might be better to have a more broad degree?
  5. by   kelsey939
    does anyone know anything about when we will hear about financial aid?
  6. by   kdiem
    I emailed financial aid today and they said "in the month of April."
  7. by   rgracevn
    Yeah I asked financial aid the same question, and they said that they cannot commit to a date because of how backed up the admissions got. They just said sometime in April...
  8. by   tadams22
    I'm visiting campus, and am going over to admissions TODAY to put down my deposit!!!
  9. by   golightly8
    Wow, this is a loong thread! I realized I'm joining the conversation a little late but wondered if anyone had heard if we would be called to interview for ABSN/MSN? I applied for Fall entry to BSN/MSN w/CR program (back in January) but have not heard anything. I checked JHU SON's website and it looks like deadline for applications is May 1. I wondered if any other fellow Fall 2013 applicants have heard back?
    I'm hoping that no response just means that they are still reviewing apps for the Fall. Had thought about calling in but I imagine they must get inundated w/calls every day.

    Good luck to everyone! It's refreshing to see such an encouraging tone to this conversation.
  10. by   Adhir
    What is this snail mail everybody is talking about?
  11. by   maspsu08
    Normal office delivered to your mailbox mail

    Rather than an e-mail.
  12. by   leroy221
    I know this is early but I'm in the process of starting my application for the 2014 start date. Anyone looking at the ASBN program for next year also? John Hopkins Accelerated BSN 2014
  13. by   hhighto1
    I've been accepted for the Fall ABSN/MSN Public Health Nursing-Midwifery track. I'm so excited. I found out a few weeks ago but just now found this thread.