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Online RN-MSN Programs with Non-nursing Bachelor's

  1. 1 Hello all!

    I'm approaching the end of an ADN program and hold a bachelor's degree in another field. I'm trying to decide between one of the numerous RN-BSN programs available or an RN-MSN program for those holding a non-nursing bachelor's. Would you please share knowledge of online RN-MSN programs?

    I'll start the list with the following:

    Chamberlain College of Nursing
    Drexel University
    Gonzaga University
    Loyola University
    Nebraska Methodist College
    University of Wyoming
    Western Governor's University
    Thanks in advance!

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    Another school you can add to your list is Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. They offer online ADN-MSN bridge programs for FNP and generalist tracks. The program is AACN accredited too so that's a definite plus. Here's the website for details: Online Programs
    FYI: For some reason the links for the website above are not working. You can try contacting the school for more information if you are interested.
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    Thanks so much for the info!
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    Hello, bumping this tread...has anyone attends any of those schools listed above? If so please shine some knowledge on those who are want I get a msn. Thanks in advance.
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    We are in exactly the same position. I am planning to apply to this program at UMASS

    My concern is if not having a BSN will hurt my career some how. It seems kind of like a waste of time and money to take 30 more under grad credits when I already have sooo many. Keep me posted on what you end up doing.
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    Lots of state universities also have the RN-MSN option and you would pay less tuition than attending an out of state school. I'm about to graduate with the MSN from California State University Dominguez Hills. Because I'm a California resident, tuition has been very affordable. I work fulltime M-F and have been able to finish the program in 2 years attending full time and summers. I have a Bachelors in Business and an ADN. Check into the state universities in your state that have online programming for working professionals.

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    If you want to enroll in a MSN program that doesn't involve a bridge, you might consider Excelsior or Gonzaga. They are the only two I am aware of that will allow a non-BSN student with a R.N. and other bachelor degree go straight into the MSN program. I am currently taking such classes through Excelsior, but considered and was impressed with Gonzaga. I would have selected Gonzaga (brick and mortar with better rep), but it was about double the cost of Excelsior.
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    I'm bumping this thread because I'm in the same boat and would like help. I live in NY and Excelsior is the only school I know about that will let me start the MSN right away.
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    Did you have any luck finding a program that will allow students with a ADN and another bachelors to enter a masters program?
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    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Eastern Michigan University allows ADNs with a non-nursing bachelor's into their master's program after a few bridge courses.
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    Sacred Heart University has an RN-MSN program for those with a non-nursing bachelor's.
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    Duke also has a RN-MSN program for those that have a non-nursing bachelors. Certain specialties are available online.
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    Has anyone attended Drexel and had reviews? Thanks!